[Kazzak EU] The Gold Two Gang - New 9/10 HC 2 Day Raiding Guild Recruiting

9/10 HC is looking to recruit for our push to complete Heroic and move forward in to Mythic on the realm Kazzak.

If you’re an adult with a good sense of humour, you’ll fit in well. We regularly use our discord wherever it be for mythic+, raiding or general shenanigans. It’s important for us to strike the fine line between keeping a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, while still achieving and progressing at the highest level.

We raid every Thursday and Sunday 20:00-23:30 Server Time, with an optional raid also available on Monday’s.

What We’re Looking For
While we will consider any exceptional players, our priority roles are listed below:

Holy Paladin
Disc Priest
MM Hunter
Unholy DK

Like any guild, we want to progress as much as possible and our raid core share our goal, however it’s important we maintain a relaxed and enjoyable raiding environment. If you feel that you would fit in to our guild please contact myself or any of our officers through these methods:



We are still recruiting all requested DPS classes


Now closed on DH. Priority for MM Hunter & Affli Lock but most classes still considered.

DPS recruitment still continues, with priority on Affliction Warlock, Marksman Hunters and Balance Druids. However, all DPS classes will be considered.

Still looking for a few dps ready for our mythic push.

MM Hunter & Aff Lock prio :slight_smile:

UPDATE - 9/10 HC with recruitment continuing for DPS. Consideration will also be given to any exceptional healers who would wish to apply.


Wish to join your guild if its still possible. Few words about me; my name is Jackob 34 years old calm, patient, well manner. Due lack of time lastly i was forced to play more casual than before but still have alot of raiding experience from past (Legion BFA). Currently im looking for a guild that aim at least in curve on every raid, maybe some mythic kills also. My curent guild decided to move on ally side also they are very nice but little bit too casual when it comes for raid progression.

Experience BFA ;

  • Uldir CE
  • BoD CE
  • crucible curve
  • TEP curve 7/8 mythic
  • Nyalotha curve 0/10 mythic, guild disbanded
    legion ; 3,7k ally hunter
    bfa ; 2,8k this dh (could be much more but like i said lack of time)

Also im planning in future try druid and/or mage and play little bit more casual style than in the past.


Still looking for DPS and potential for an exceptional healer!

We’re currently 9/10 and looking to finish clearing heroic this reset. These are core spots for our mythic core we’re hoping to fill!

Still recruiting, priorities specs are in the main post but all are welcome to apply

Still recruiting core spots for mythic. Priority on Disc Priest & RDPS.

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