[kazzak] old school raider lf new guild to raid


I am currently on kazzak and have 2 chars I play frequently, both off which are main spec tank with a good DPS off spec on my pala.

They are paladin prot and BDK. Im well adverse in raiding and have been playing WoW 12 years.

Im on every day and the current guild I am in doesnt have space for me no more

Thanks guys

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Hey, I’m the GM for (finished Uldir 3/8) and we’re currently looking for more people for our raid team (you can check my guild post in my profile). How willing would you be to mainly play DPS for the next raid?

Can add me on btag BrennaMan#2182 or whisper me ingame if you find me.



Hey edea,

We are after a steady active tank to raid with us on Sun/Mon/Thurs 19:45-23:00ST if you might be up for that add omn#2283 and lets chat:D

Have a great day and happy gaming!

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