Kazzak or Draenor EU

Wanting to start rolling some horde characters, was wondering from other people’s experience if Kazzak or Draenor is better? In terms of economy, community etc etc.

htt ps://www.worldofwargraphs.com/pve-stats/realms

They’re about the same, but Kazzak is of course the superior server. Everyone has a story about a guy from kazzak they thought were a bit of a douche.

Case and point below

I’ve played on both, but mostly on my main now which is Argent dawn but from my experience Draenor, hands down. i still play on these two relams (AD & DR)

Kazzak is just too toxic, this is of course subjective as there’s bad and good everywhere…its just i found myself in situations with those sorts of people a lot more when i was playing there.

PvP Kazzak
PvE Dreanor
Community none of them
Economy both quite ok

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