Kick a Destro lock?

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The point of interrupting a CC is so you can continue to DPS even when the opponent DPS’s, it is not to lock them out of doing anything back to you unless they make the mistake of casting an all-school spell that you interrupt.

Since Fear is on the Shadow school, they wouldn’t be able to cast anything with shadows but play around it with the other schools which is 100% normal and intended.

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As a rogue you use one of your other 10 ways of stopping it.
Or run through the lock last second to “line” it lol. Might only work vs lower rated locks though.


You’re a rogue… try that with a feral druid… its feels even worse.

you can los it or use one of your absurdly overloaded tools to stop casts, its not like he gets precog. cloak is also 5 secounds of godmode where he cant touch you in any way. besides that he should be locked down till dead with no chance at even casting anything. are you RP walking towards him without stealth? As rogue in a 1v1 scenario you should kill the purpleman for free without losing health.

opener - he´ll either wall or dies. if he dies, great. if he walls you vanish.
assuming he is alive - reopen when defensives run out n repeat process. youre not a fury warrior. dont ape your cloak n what not if you dont need it. dont dump your offensives into wall-pact.

If you lose that 1v1 its purely because you played terrible. its an extremely onesided matchup in your favor. as a rogue you dictate any 1v1.


Understanding the game seems hard for the op, i think they must be Rp walking without stealth as you mentioned. op doesnt understand their class at all i clearly see and dont use their toolkit for all the freewin buttons they have.
Laughable post!


I think that a rogue has more than enough in their skill set to kill a destro, my chaos bolt hits 80-160k but I need 2 shards to do that, I have 5 shards, a may generate 1 or 2 1-1, shadowburn also takes a shard.

Destro are not the tankiest class , and far from the best 1to1,
and most would have to play out there skin to match a evenely geared melee. Wars, Dks ,pallys, and ww just sit on you, no way escaping even with master gate or speed potions.

Look at hunter how did you get on with rapid fire in your face.

Good melee infront of us and were the bees knees, but one to one were a shadow of our former self.

Your gear is a bit low so one you have conquest I dare say they wont hurt as much.

Not all knowledgable heroes wear capes imho…
“If you lose that 1v1 its purely because you played terrible. its an extremely onesided matchup in your favor. as a rogue you dictate any 1v1.” Couldnt agree more on this.

Typicall Skill issue and not exp enough as a rogue which is TOTALLY fine, and thats the reason Blizzard should never take anything serious from someone who literally still has alot to learn about this game.

I’ve Got numerous Rogue friends in my flist that played the game since forever…(old vet here) some of em hardcore pve, some of em multiglads no lifers, and some where just gankers for life.
Even a PVE hardcore exp rogue can give a lock a very bad day just dumping a good “rotation” (yes you heard that right) on you…

Now, experienced rogues?.. hehe i cant man. i wont even type anything else.
thanks for making my nightshift better dk , and ofc you Mr Gódisgrisen!

Havent played retail since a long time, so not sure what changes happend to cc and dr etc.

But outside of kick, u can theoreticaly use:
Vanish+ cheapshot/garrote
If talented, shadowdance+cheapshot/garrote
And Blind

Basicly plenty tools to shut down a caster


So tldr u want 1 skill alone to render a caster completly useless?
Yes attacking an enemie breaks gouge and blind, but it can still be used to interrupt an important cast before it goes of to waste the casters time.
But if u dont want to use ur skills at all then maybe play a different game :person_shrugging:

Or better, play a warlock urself and fight rogues in a 1v1

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Just rotate your CC properly n dont get too excited to use kick, let him fakecast n waste time while you dumpster him. If you´re not confident in your kicks or if he is good at fakecasting just dont risk giving him precog n use other tools as you have tons. You can even use blind as a makeshift interrupt in a 1v1. You can stop the fight whenever you want with vanish n racial which also stops his cast.

The only major missplay you can make is to dum dum your cd´s into his wall+pact, without those he is made of paper so just vanish it. wall is a massive 3 min cd. Destro locks also has no good sustain n affli is also reliant on enemies to heal outside of healthstone. Warlock should be one of the easiest matchups for you, especially destro since they are reliant on ending the fight fast before they run out of defensive cd´s n die in a global.

You can’t 1v1 good Destro Lock in Dragonflight as a Rogue right now. Wait until 10.2 Rogue rework.

outlaw rogue can, can play you like a fiddle and there is nothing you can do about it.

Why Outlaw?

what i do versus warlock is i tank his 2 chaos bolt with a damage reduction and then i interrupt any type of soul shard generation, it give me time to regen and also to continue to attack him while the warlock is force to DR fear me just to charge his soul shard then it result i can line his chaos bolt since he can no longer control me

i don’t know if this can help you to improve your matchup vs warlock destro

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