Kick from bg out of nowhere?

so i was fighting monk who best highest ilvl and destroy our team me and alot of people died , i just ress and go under flag to protect incase someone comes and then the monk comes again with army this time he damage me and then i i run away in matter of 2 sec and i got removed for afk ??? cuz i was in combat

also i saw this post Korrak's revenge kick system , im not sure if that bug ?? or troll abuse it and blizzard never care to fix the automated system ??

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Trolls abuse it ,happened to me in warsong gultch aswell. People are so bored that they report you for trying to win 15 min deserter gg ,great automated system. Like I said if they dont get rid of this bs I’m unsubing from the game

Just happened to me, was on the gy, went to do objective and got a random kick. Nice that people can abuse this feature so much…

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