Kicked for calling out AFK Players

Particularly in epic BGs, often times I’ll find someone sitting stealthed in a bush midway into the game, with 0 score on the board, and I’ll call out that we have someone AFK.

Quite often rather than the AFK person getting the boot, I find myself greeted by a loading screen instead.

Does anyone else have this happen? I think i’m going to give up communicating in BG chat, it seems talking in the chat or calling out AFKers pisses people off.


Some guys afk in groups they mass report people that spot em, happend to me.


People AFK grind honor, what you expected? Also they can ride on mounts in the battle, just stay near and do nothing e.t.c. When i see that most of or half of the raid AFK like that way i usually quit. Just wasting of time.

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Yeah i think that’s what happened, there were quite a few AFK people hiding back at base.

Really annoying as it was otherwise a close game despite the AFKers, and being Ashran, i was doing heavy damage with havoc + chaos bolt, along with shadowrifts to pull the healers & ranged towards us.

imo the system should be a bit more intelligent - why is it possible to kick someone for being “AFK” when they are constantly dishing out damage throughout the game…


No sane person can unironically play that many BG’s that you need to upgrade your gear without AFKing.

Blame the system


U don’t even need much to upgrade ur gear.

yeah i really hope youre baiting me rn

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Trust me i know what honor grind is and to upgrade ur gear is joke.

Aaaand kicked again whilst fighting horde, for calling out a few people AFK in Ashran, sitting in a corner of the map at the bottom of the scoreboard!

Such a terrible reporting system… No wonder the alliance does so poorly - you’re expected to AFK, and if you don’t, you get vote-kicked! :smiley:


while system abuse is pretty sad (as the game currently is), even afkers, as you said, join in groups to do their business. Perhaps, it’s time to join some friends before queueing all these once again? You might be able to finally kick-report all them leechers :grinning:

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No man my thing works i am close to 1,5k honor lvl but i hate preamdes.

it’s about leechers, though. I remember calling out them during korracks revenge 2 years ago and I got insta kicked instead.
Things work vice versa if there’s someone to assist you to get rid of them


Good. That way you learn how to not “call out” people.

Noone likes a snitch.

ye that was happened to my in my last ashran i was in stealth on bridge behin horde grup trying do some stealthy kill and some i**** named Palypaladin from nagrad realm reported me for afk even i was not and have more kills that him and btw he was hord ppl playing ally so what i think horde ppl who playing on ally hate ally and sometimes kick for fun some people who not even bein afk

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And nobody likes a leech that receives credit for others’ efforts.


Damn AFKers trigger me more than playing vs rogue/mage in 2s.

Rogues in Ashran are the most common I notice, stealth afking somewhere. Call 'em out and they get pissy about it. Last two I called out could have helped us with the sphere and it could have turned the game around in our favor as it was fairly close. After, one whispered me and saying “mind your business”. The audacity of those leeches man!


You are being kicked by just 1 guy!

When you are in Epic BG or Korrak`s Revenge, sort the players by their Honor Level. Then you will realize there are 5-6 guys with the same honor level icon and the same realm and the same… etc. These guys are the same GUY! With 5-6 clients - multiboxer. He can report you Away by himself. This is happening to me all the time.

And these guys are AFK leachers. SO if you report one of them, you are doomed. He reports you back with all his 5+ alts.

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IF u Bg and u lose all the time… Tbh u see a lose inc. U warnd poeple hey we need atleast 3 workshops.Can u blame them ? If u lose all the time ur will to fight in bg gets beaten to a point u give up. U become lack luster unmotivated. then some say hey kick this and that person cuze. U think Another tryhard…Another onther one on illusion u still can win. While its clearly a losss. Maybe miss mage its stated fact. These lack luster beaten to point I count loses not wins honner is honner kick u. Unfair or not

Almost had a stroke reading this.

Anyway, if it’s 100 loss and you’re getting farmed, the whole team quits…then fair, but it’s not most of the time.

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Big problem is honor grind, u can’t enjoy the game when its become annoying thing. And u AFK. When u need 15-20K honor to ugrade ur gear.