Kil'jaeden at the tomb


Wut? He just casually walks in Azeroth trough his portal? WTF all this sunwell business, was all about, then? You know. the one of - “it is the end of the world if you let Kil’jaeden to be summoned to this world”. If he can just order his minions to build portal for him, at any time, at any spot in Azeroth, like its not a big deal.


If you are expecting consistency and logic/reason in WoW storytelling, you came to the wrong game, mate.


He was also a lot shorter than I remember :slight_smile:


So you’re saying he came up short to your expectations?


You could say that, yes. :smiley: It was also fairy shortsighted of him to open that portal since we followed him and killed him shortly after. His time was therefore cut short, all because he couldn’t just stay away from the Tomb. But I suppose even a Legion commander has his shortcomings…


That portal was actually always there. It was the portal Gul’dan opened through which the Legion invaded from to start with. The portal in the Tomb of Sargeras is literally what instigated the entire expansion - it wasn’t something made on a whim. It was originally meant to open a ‘second front’ for the demons to enter through during the War of the Ancients, as their only form of egress was the Well of Eternity.

It’s also the only reason we actually defeat the Legion this time round. It was a small portal that they could literally only fit so many demons through at a time. They tried to open more after the fact, but we shut them down repeatedly through various quests across the Isles (and the pre-expansion events) and this is what keeps them mostly bottle-necked to the Broken Isles.

But you are right. He should have probably kept away from that portal. That was not the smartest tactical decision he has ever made.


well he was frustrated whit how the invasion was going, becuse he felt everything they did they always lost, he even confronts sargeras whit his concerns.


To be honest, with the ability to keep calling in ships at will (Cinematic) and all that time between the first Broken Shore battle and to Nighthold? Under any competent commander, this would have ended in a reverse D-Day where we play the Axis. The Azerothian forces in the Broken Isles would very quickly be outnumbered by the demons present and they need only to walk over our corpses to finish taking over the Isles.


In a world like Warcraft, I would beg to differ. They can call in ships at will, but it it is still a finite amount. Lets not pretend Blizzard have ever really fleshed out the mechanics of portal magic all that well, but in the audio-drama preceding Legion, it is revealed the Legion have stored ‘an entire oceans worth’ of Fel-power to create this portal and Gul’dan was meant to be the ‘inside man’ who could crack the Tomb’s wards from the inside and connect their end of the portal to Azeroth.

And it was highlighted that because of the way the portal worked, only [x] amount of demons could actually get through. It was a bottle-neck. Of course, those ships appearing then skew that. How many ships can fit through that portal? Was that a Plan B like the other portals they established? A last gambit? Because those ships sure as hell never came through the tomb.

Way I see it? Imagine it like D-day, as you say. But all the allies have gotta squeeze through a 10ft wide corridor. They can get in some air support, but the Axis also have theirs prepped and ready to counter. And also both factions have weapons that can magically decimate entire regions - problem is, the allies have to actually get theirs through, we already have ours. For example! The comic where the Legion attack Highmountain en-masse after our defeat at the Broken Shore. Game over man, the Highmountain are all dead, right?

Nah. They swung the Hammer of Khaz’goroth once and wiped all of the demons out.


Meanwhile the Legion have spread their bottle-necked assault wide. In the pre-expac event they were attacking zones ALL OVER Azeroth. This spread their forces and their aforementioned ships thin. It served to give the planet time to unite against them. The Legion’s main weakness has always been its hubris. They felt assured of victory - and it cost them. Because we, the heroes, foiled their schemes and portals and plans time and time again.

Edit: I would say the exception being when Illidan summoned Argus. If you look up into the skybox literally endless waves of ships are flying towards Azeroth. At this point one cannot argue the bottle-neck / “they can only summon so many ships” because… Well, that’s just not the case. And you also can’t say “The Army of Light was keeping them on Argus” because you can look up and plainly see dozens and dozens of ships sailing through the stars towards Azeroth unphased by Argus and the Army of Light. So unless the Draenei were also packing an orbital defense cannon I wasn’t aware of…

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