Kilrogg Alliance Reconnections

(Zaflis) #77

Hey again Gour, you may remember me as Jaadis from Infernal Crusade. Things have changed, i’m maining druid now (less gnome mage) and will be joining Pyrewood Village with Nocturnal Dragons. However they are planning on keeping main priority on retail WoW raiding. Hope to see some old names there.


Kothogas a nelf hunter
Infernal Crusade
Rolynde and other old ICers that might remember me.

Gourmandises I think i remember you from IC, and I think I recall you aswell Umuw as albrekt… also remember Tyrannys, I still have some contact with our crazy prot pally Amirg and i still remember that awesome baron Geddon kill he did in MC
and I still have nightmares caused by Rolynde’s red M&Ms raid wipes he did whenever we raided…


Yes i remember you, say hi to amirg :slight_smile: I Can remember Offtanking stuff in mc zg and aq20 on my pally with that spellpower sword I didnt replace till 70, and bouncing from mob to mob in that event in aq20 :slight_smile: and yes i remember amirg being last man standing on what would have been a wipe on geddon and bubbling and getting a killing blow off l. Fun times. Im planning on rolling on pyrewood village alliance.


sadly he has retired from wow due to he has become a family man now, some girl got him caught by the holy ritual known as marriage and they have a kid aswell now so i doube he will be making a return to the wow scene in wow classic


Say hi to Amirg from me aswell! I wish I could go back in time and tell him…

<insert its a trap! meme>

PS: God damn I cannot post links because I havent posted more then 30 posts in the past 14 years /sarcasm


If you recognise yourself… let me know. This is Zul’Farrak back in 2006. Someone please fix these links… I still CANNOT post links and it is annoying me… Omg I just saw Cfalcon in this screenshot. HOLY ****! I know it’s authentic because it says Xfire :stuck_out_tongue:

https:// ibb. co/LRqJC7W

https ://ibb. co/BVH06tQ


No way! How you doing mate? You planning on playing classic?


It’s almost as if Surreal has been erased from the server history! :stuck_out_tongue:


#Tikito shadow


Zemfira, Human, Priest

Originally raided with Affinity, also been apart of The Firm, Equilibrium, Harsh Generation, Delusion, Genesis, Anarchy (moved to Silvermoon).

Too many names to mention so hit me up.


started out on this hunter in classic, though changed to my priest Waleria end of classic, and changed to hunter again in bfa.
I was in ERA at first didnt last long, then Joined Aspiration, and for a brief time in TBC I was in shadows of eternity and Craze, then whent back to Aspiration and been there ever since.


At some point we thought the quality was amazing!
Hi Cristel, it’s Jerachi. Don’t know if you remember me.


Hey Awish! Good to see you again!


Hey Xara, it’s Jerachi. We were in Suo Marte together.


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My god, such a blast from the past seeing these names again!

I went digging and I found a very old compilation video made by various people on Kilrogg featuring the opening of AQ on our server, TBC launch, SUO MARTE shenaniganz and more. WARNING: FEELS. Uploaded to YT!

Robske - Human Mage (going merry, suo marte, care bears…)
Netherwing - UD Rogue
Cyndragosa - UD Priest

Me, my friends (incl. obnoxious mage Blindbandit) will be playing on Shazzrah PvP horde.


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Going good thanks mate, you? Going to be going on Golemagg Alliance I think! You playing?


Reading every single one of those names brings back a ton of memories. I still keep my ~5000 screenshot collection of all the fun times I had with those guys. I’ll be sure to drop by and say hi :slight_smile: