King of Rets

Hey guys, this is an update. Im 3kmmr on my ret now with 65% WR in shuffle. Check pvp me i have 0xp on ret. Played time: 1 day 15hrs (70% of that is sitting in que for soloq). This is all post nerfs, idk seems kinda scuffed still. I havent lost a single point of cr on this char. For everyone saying u need to play ret to understand, i did and this is the results. The only thing holding me back atm is getting more hours in and more soloq games. Its laughable any of u are defending this. I destroy every lobby singlehandedly still.


Hail king of rets, just remember the wise words of one Maximillian of Northshire: “No king wins 4ever”. This is all, bye.


It is sad that pvp check exists, my boy.

You should touch some grass. Arms warriors will still be top of the chain, Immortalx.

Stop spamming the same threads.

I mean a sh*t player like you can even get 3k mmr in shuffle on ret, but it doesnt mean that its broken (it is op dont get me wrong) but every class can get 3k mmr, I was as FDK 2.8 cr and like 3.1 mmr about 2 months ago when it was 100 times worse then UH, some classes just have it easier then other classes. And ret seems to be the easiest atm

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You’re correct ret is still god tier and the easiest spec to play braindead real zug zug spec of wow right now.


Isnt the king swapxy w 3440 cr?

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Aryash is still higher than u.

His post was sarcastic.

He didn’t mean to say he was the highest, but that ret is so broken that he could get 3k in a day post nerfs with no prior xp


I mean, hes 2.2 in 3s no? Im 2.5 with 70% winrate on alt fdk c: Nvm, he dropped to 2.1 in 3s cause he plays frost now LMFAO

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its fine people are delusional when they want to be haha

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