Korrak's revenge kick system

People who’re afk for hours don’t get kicked despite reports. I’m pvping the whole time and randomly get kicked? Is this a bug?


If you tell them dont afk in base , they will kick you.


lol… Alliance really is a garbage faction in every way. Bad story, bad players, spiteful community.

Did you tell them dont afk in base? Its the reason they report afk you.

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Yup, I asked people to stop afking.

Then you will get boralus harbor screen immediately. Sorry but I speak bitter truth.


AFKers should not just b kicked but banned.
They completely ruin actual players’ game experience.

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pretty sure lazy players ruin the experience more.

Most of the AFKers are horde mercenary


funny part same on allience side

Going by a conversation I had with a GM some time back, about the same issue, if enough players report you at the same time then you will get an instant kick without the 1 mind cd that lets you attack opposition. Said it’s working as intended.

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Yeah like 1 week ago , you argued with a druid on eye of storm. And you wanted each other to kick from bg. Because druid healer stayed start place for 30 seconds when bg started.

And I told you I reported him afk for you and that guy got out of bg. Because you argued with him… You make the same thing too. If I find your warrior’s comments inside that bg , that you told to afk him I will post here. Because I take too many screenshots.

Druid healer whisperred me to report afk and kick you. But I reported him instead with my 5 people premade.

So this is why I got kicked that one time? The same thing happens on horde side too I guess.

They all deserve to be banned although I doubt Blizzard will do anything about it.

no point theny want silly kick u will

It pisses me off how blizz gives 0 f**ucks about stupid people abusing the report system. bg is fine pvp is fine in that bg , but for the love of god the report system is cancer to this game in that bg

Im not sure what point you’re trying to make but if a player is afk for 30 seconds then they are afk, no?

If you have screenies then by all means post them.

bg boring only reason go there for exp thet about it

just remove vote to kick ez fix

All you show is a screenie of me asking to report an afk player, not only that, you posted it! That’s against the forums rules amigo. You just got yourself a ban for naming and shaming. Ejoy the time out.

Posting a chat log between bg people is not against of rules. And forcing report afk people too?