Korrak's Revenge wtf lol

Enter as a level 20 and I’m up against level 60s and getting 1 shot. Do devs even play their own game?


I am glad someone mention it. What made Korrak’s revenge so fun was the scaling and making it seem a bit more oldschool.

I think they should go back to the system they had 2019 and even 2020 for Korrak’s revenge.

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I was about to make a topic of this myself and saw yours.

Getting 1 or 2 shot while doing hardly any damage with a low level is the opposite of balancing. When I did this event 1 or 2 years ago I remember it being fun and much better than this. Further more this kind of thing just encourages more afk players. Why ruin something that was balanced and fun and also good for levelling ? I don’t know what they were thinking this year. It’s horrendous.


There was ilvl scaling, now its gone.


Devs definately dont play WoW. Atleast since WoD. Brian Holinka posts about coaching football teams etc. Tells more than enough about the commitment.

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Well, there is still item level scaling, since low levels will scale to level 60 with 70 item level.

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Completely agree, being able to pull out the timewalking set, use weapons with old effects etc, was a lot of fun. It’s like they’ve not put any effort whatsoever into this year’s version.

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Yeah exactly! Sadly I do not think they will have “time” enough to implement it… :confused: I looked forward to it for a long time.

I leveled up this priest on 2019 korrak
Never tried afterwards, what a shame

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Yeah :smiley: This year`s scaling is BS…
It should be like Epic BGs 20-49 at least.
WTF is that… I am lvl 20 with 14k HP and I face a DK with 120k HP who insta-kills me with auto-attack…

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I also leveled a horde dk in 2019, now with no scaling and angry reports don’t even dare to try this once again. Too sad, a tool what people used to level and get some honor or hks gone now, but no wonder here. Glad that they increased the drops for doomwalker’s mount, at least.

Scaling is completely off. I have 17.5k HP on lvl 52 DH, decently geared, a lvl 20 DH is here with 16.8k HP. And more like this

and lvl 60 DH have 10 times the 20-59 lvl health. Im one-hitted by guys with 120k+ and I am 14k.

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They coulda scaled the 60 same way they do in party sync, coulda been better.

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It’s not “Classic” Alterac Valley if everyone is at SL lvl 60 power level. They should never have removed the scaling that existed previously, were all players zoning in and the bosses etc were reduced to classic levels of power, hp etc.

Now it’s just the same old Horde curbstomping alliance, only dialled up to 11 with Season 2 SL PvP gear and Mythic raid stuff.


The whole event is a joke since players are either new to AV or completely forgot how to play. It’s turned into a manic killfest where there are no winners.

There are a whole load of issues with it

  • First, the event is advertised as lv10+, you can get the quest from chromie at lv10+ fittingly, but u cant queue until lv20+ ??!
  • Second, as already mentioned, the scaling is WAY off … but dear Blizzard, you were even not able to scale professions right – most products give only +1 to stats, and sometimes lower skill products are even STRONGER than higher ones e.g. healing potions … how is that even possible, even if devs screw so much, there is a whole QA team between that and a final release, and before that a whole PTR and player feedback too! … how can two instances of failsaves not work at all preventing such a mess?
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Very disappointing the scaling is terrible. Has there been no news on this being sorted?

not at all, same to the last week’s brawl, zero fixes and total ignorance

This was actually a fun event when it was alot better scaled, its a shame they decided to ruin something that was good. It sounds like they missed on a few subs by changing this also. I guess someone let the rest of us know if it gets sorted but I suppose this is an example that only things that are not broken get fixed.