Kul Tiran Male SS Animation - Still Bugged


It’s been over a month now and this animation still hasn’t been fixed. It’s stopped me playing the Enh shaman I was looking forward to playing since KT were announced.

Instead of the sweeping strike animation, the character spasms and the target’s HP drops. How have they still not fixed this? It’s been reported as a bug in-game yet still nothing. It makes KT unplayable for me. :frowning:


yeah it’s a bummer… only get like half an animation(weapon lights up) followed by regular auto attack.

if i’m not mistaken it’s the same with other special attacks for other classes aswell.


Yup warriors get spasms too, its even funnier when you are moving as your legs usually work fine and turn in completely different direction than your upper half …

11/10 - IGN

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