Lack of Tank Issue


It is so long time that I didnt post anything here. Bu I am sick of this tank finding issue. Therefore I am forced to write some important stuff here which is disscussed by players. I saw there are lots of topic about this issue in forum. Yet there are too many opinion yet there is no opinion about solution.
It seems BLIZZARD do not anything, maybe players should show some way about solving this particular issue. Since there is no such a thing as dungeon finder in classic tbc, maybe player with tank alts should be able to pass their heroic badges to their main char in their account. For this to happen; players should specify a main characters on their account and their tank alt.(war-pala or druid). After finishing the dungeon; a time should be given to the players so that they can send their badges to their other char. At the end of the day there will be no loss because players actually do this dungeon. Just sending their badges to specific (the choosen - main) char.

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i cant speak for paladins but with warriors and feral druids i can say that tanking right now is frustrating, for myself anyway

this issue is PARTLY player driven, and with player driven issues its hard for solutions,

time and time again i run into hunters that multishot before i have even touched a mob, dot-classes that dot every single mob as i am LOSing, shamans using earthshock right off the bat and etc etc,

then ive got to chase down those mobs, regroup them and start my rotation, while doing all this im trying to generate enough rage to perform that rotation,

dont get me wrong this isnt in every group, ive tanked dungeons with amazing dps that control their fingers and allow me to perform my role,

and i understand the urge to blast mobs and im sure dps dont realise how frustrating it is but when it happens its very off putting, and makes you think that just being a dps or healing will be a better experience,

from what ive seen paladins generally have a better time, but not everyone is a paladin so lack of tanks happen,

this is just my opinion.


I tanked a lot of 5 man’s in classic vanilla. I had to stop cause of all this. Ppl don’t know how to relax and ppl don’t give a crap about the tank. Ppl want to top the meters only.


The player driven issue you describe is “bad dps players who don’t care about aggro are the reason why there aren’t many tank players?”

More likely it has something to do with responsibility and role design.
Tanks need to be competent and better at the game in general compared to other roles. Having a bad dps in grp ins’t that dramatic compared to having a bad tank.

Also tanks are just very limited to what they can do in this game. There are many activities that don’t require a tank (pvp, farming, solo content). It’s just feels pointless as a tank to do anything outside of a raid/dungeon. In other words, it’s a slave-spec :smiley:

The only way i would tank would be if i can do it without tank spec and tank gear (which always works during leveling phases, it’s not enough for raids but normal dungeons don’t require tank spec most of the time). Maybe some dps warrios or ret paladins are not aware that they could probably tank a normal dungeon if they would know how to play their class.

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Guys I am talking about different thing here. I am not taking about classes / ppl who breaks CC etc… I am talking about lack of tanks in the game. And I am trying to find solution. I dont care the meters. Issue is different you are talking about different issue. Dont loose the real point here.


there is no lack of tanks for 10/25 mans, only hcs
and thats because hcs are super unfun as a tank if your dps/healers are bad, especially if you already have anything u need from there/badges

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I’m sorry but if a shadow priests dots every single mob while I’m LOSing, that is not a fault of mine as a tank

If a hunter multishots a pack of mobs before I get there, that is not a fault of mine

You can be the best tank in the world and still have to run around pick those mobs up

Unless you’re a paladin such as yourself


Well it is about thouse people atlest partialy, i play Feral druid and i stoped tanking for pugs some time ago

I am simple tierd of all hunters who dont know how to use Freezing trap,
Mages and other who feal offended if they have to use interupt
Shamans or lock who thing its good idea to cast CL or Seed in same moment i pull
and all others who rage when you ask them to dispell/purge/ccor interupt insted of just DPS and link they meters

I simple got few friends and guildis who i do dungeons with and only them and if they are unaveliable i simple dont even if i coud get to trade chat pugs super easy i simple prefer not to

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Exactly, many tanks are tired with the hassel that comes with tanking right now, which results in a lack of tanks, blizzard cant do anything about it, that’s what I’m trying to explain to the OP


It never helps as a fellow warrior and ex tank though I also now play warlock and also a reroll of my main war tank, I hate when some idiots just go full blast and i barely used a thunderclap and a few sunder tabbing/switching target to sunder like a madman running chasing the mobs they overaggroed or ninja pulled.

Restraining your dps and letting the tank even a paladin and especially others build their threat should be mandatory as a dps.


Double specialization will help alot.

Like it does on Retail? ^^

The potential Tanks would have a DPS PvE spec and a PvP spec, not a Tank spec however.

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I totally support all of you as feral tank. It’s so annoying.

But, one more thing:
“Rogue in LFG chat: LFM tank BM HC, waist HR”. Ok, bruh, good luck with tank. Maybe some pally or protwarrior.
“Hunter in LFG chat: LFM tank OHF HC, wrist HR”. Ok, bruh, good luck with tank. Maybe some pally or protwarrior.

Think about it. Not about drop or your HR. Just about tanks and their expectations from group and game.
We comes to play and chill. But many DPS transform it to really hard work.


Wrong. Players can create tank and play. It’s not problem of the game. But way of dps more easy, isn’t not.

Or you can go back to retail, this is TBC, not everything is supposed to be handed to you. Pay me, be a guild mate or roll your own tank.

I still ain’t tanking for most random puggers even with dual spec, people on my friend list and guildmate get priority.


“LFM Tank XXX HC Primal Nether reserved” groups are better


With this shortage presently going on, I know I sure as heck won’t be tanking for free: welcome to the new-old warcraft that we’ve all created.

Who in their right mind would tank for random scumbags in TBCC? No ty, not a chance in hell, not even if I was getting paid. Tanking and healing pugs is very unpleasant in TBCC. I was looking forward to spamming HC’s for fun and lvl a protpala but no, I’m done. :face_vomiting:

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stop cry and reroll tank class

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Wrong, i took my fair share tanking. Now with better BG Queues i respecced to PVP. With Dual Spec i would be PVP/Tanking