Lacking of energy in assa/arena


Hello. Im really lacking of energy in arenas. Can anyone give me some tips what im doing wrong?

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Naturally you will lack energy as assa as you’re choosing MFD over vigor, paladins, monks and druid can cleanse poisons meaning your energy regen from dot application gets partially gutted whenever poisons or bleeds fall off, surv cleanses dots too with mending bandage dropping alot of momentum in arena, taking overwhelming power is crucial and gemming and enchanting haste is a must.

With assa how you use energy is very important in comparison to outlaw else you’ll sit with 2-4 combo points and no way to further add to or spend it.

Assuming you’re playing the 115 rogue instead of a 120 you’re going to be lacking end game stats like you would in Legion, most classes which use energy, focus or rage tend to struggle with their resource generation at the start of expans.


Thank you for answer. I have 120 level but this website seems bugged and working very slow lol. You think against monks is wise to chooise vigor instead of mark for death then?

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If you use addons idk but if you dont then you can track your full kidney based on MFD since you need to give kidney 30 seconds to reset back to a 5 second stun, MFD gives you better set up so you can suddenly go from 0 to 5 combo points in a GCD. For low MMR you can get away with using Vigor but its basically the default go to Mark for death since its huge being able to put the healer into a stun suddenly etc.

When vsing Monks I’d suggest trying to save kidney for Fists of fury. Ik it parries 100% but you can shadowstep kidney and if your directly behind the target then they cant parry/dodge it which is huge since most monks trait heavily into FoF since thats all the eggs in one basket for monks damage more or less.

TL:DR you will always trade for enemy cool downs better with mark for death.

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