Larger Than Life - Brewfest is Here!

Larger Than Life - Brewfest is Here!

Do you love eating delicious faire food, drinking bountiful beverages, and riding rams around barrels of apples? Brewfest has arrived and you can do all that and more from September 20–October 6.

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k bro

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Is there anything new added?

Nothing new added and gives less then 2 bars xp at level 55.

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item level of trinkets is 236 if anyone wants to know.


what is the point of these events if they rarely update them ?


The drops should have been at least 262. There’s no point even doing it unless you’re doing it for mount or achievements.

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I still have a few things I haven’t collected but I understand the frustration of those who would like to have something new added.

0 new content, great!

That’d be the only reason for me to do this event, my alts need some decent trinkets. Thanks for letting us know. Now I’m gonna just skip it.

Any point in doing this?

only if you havent done before, for the achievements mostly.

otherwise sadly no.

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