Last boss in grimrail depot

is it possible to avoid the AoE lightning? No matter how I position myself I seem to get hit and the way the drake flies… it doesn’t seem to indicate where it hits…

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You cannot avoid the breath damage. With a super coordinated group you can avoid the DoT:

There are also spots that are permanently safe from the DoT, but not from her other abilities and Quaking, so…

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Shouldn’t be a problem anymore after the nerf and on fortified affix.

Yeah quaking was a bit of a nasty one with this boss :slight_smile:

I was watching some vids on youtube, they didn’t mention the moment when she covers almost all the room, just said that dragon breath wouldn’t hit the same spot again, so you know where you can stand.

I tried that, but man did it look different than that video explanation :slight_smile:

Yeah, that video is for not getting the DoT at all, not just simply finding a safe place to stand. I believe he mentions that the old lightning patches fade a few seconds after the new ones appear, so while running into an old one will hopefully give you a to-be clear spot, you’re gonna get the DoT for sure.

This ability could really stand to be telegraphed.

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