Last boss of RLP

I’ve been trying this a few times, I watched Quazzi’s vid more than once, got good tips from him, his dungeon vids really are the best out there.

I still have big issues on this one, I do pull the boss the the center field (close to entrance) for the dragon not to appear on the sides. I also have issues on my healer, I just find it hard where to position. Of course I also rely on the group, we usually end up with a field full of fire.

How to avoid that?

Two things possibly.

1: You’re misunderstanding where exactly the boundary line is for the dragon to choose to land.
2: Your group isn’t properly placing their fire puddles.


The boundary for where to the group can stand in Phase 1 is best described as a box with four corners. Two of which being the flower beds on the pillars either side of the room, and the other two being the edge of the semicircle motif just before the raised edge of the platform. If a player stands outside of this box while Kyrakka is airborne (Even while placing their fire patches), she is very likely to fly to that side and breath fire across the platform instead of landing.


When you place the fire you have two options

  • Place the fire in the direction the wind will blow next
  • Place the fire in one of the two flower beds, AS LONG AS the wind won’t immediately blow it towards the group

Obviously this is a group effort thing, if people don’t know how to place the fire it will go everywhere, but if you as a healer keep track of the wind directions you can at least both know ahead of time if there is bad fire, and know where the fire will be moving to if it’s been placed badly.

The winds are always fixed and don’t reset between phases, you’ll get one pushing you (Facing the boss before pull) Forward, then left, then back, then right, then it repeats. Keep track of this and combine it with noting where everyone’s fire is going and you’ll be able to better predict the state of the room 5-10 seconds later.

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I understnad the dragon lands random, but if I am not close to the edge, it won’t land on the edge (actually outside the platform), this is esp. for melee DPS.

I do understand about the wind, but I also I need to work on that. Is there by chance a weak aura for this? Good tip, I did know about it, but have yet to perfection that into practise.

If anyone leaves the central box, even to drop fire, the dragon has a chance to fly to the side instead of land.

When we do this key on 25-26 we stay pretty stacked around the X marked in Quazzi’s vid, drop our fires out to the side the wind will blow next, careful not to leave the box so the dragon always lands. After the phase transition we play on the edge of the platform where the boss moves to, and try to stack as a group on the side the next wind will go to be ready to drop our fires and stay clumped for heals. This keeps the whole platform clear of fire and makes it much less stressful to heal, ideally we only get 2-3 flamespits in phase 2 but in high tyrannical we have had significantly more.

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Thanks for the tips, appreciate your help, I’ll also watch his vid again as well.

I hope RLP gets removed and never comes back. That last boss is disgusting, because it requires you to be able to orient around the winds, which is impossible for me. I can do every boss fight just fine, but that one? It’s nearly impossible for me to do the mechanics. I can’t for the life of me keep track of the wind direction, it’s extremely disorienting…

you think the game should cater to you because you have problems with the boss? Have you tried just focusing on your own gameplay. Maybe start recording it and watch it back and see what you can do differently if its too stressful to do in the moment

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There are multiple weak auras. Because the winds are not random and just follow a set pattern it is pretty easy to do.
If you want one you can search in wago for " Ruby Life Pools - Last Boss Fire Drop " or " Ruby Life Pools - Wind Direction ".

Generally it is pretty easy to know where to “run” to drop fires as long as you know where the wind will blow (since you can just drop them in that direction and forget about them).

Frankly after understanding to stack in the middle, full focus the dragon with cds, run and drop the fires where the winds will blow TO, the fight becomes pretty manageable. Good luck on it, and just practice.

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Yup, using : “Ruby Life Pools - Last Boss Fire Drop”

The boss is an outlier, so yes. It should be brought back in line with the rest.

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