<Last Night> 10/10M 6/10HC Mythic Weekend Raiding Guild

Diverse group of professional video gamers led by a sociopath narcissist spending 8 hours a week of our busy lives trying to get cutting edge, yuge rio score and elite.

Recruiting gamers who can do damage and avoid dying every other pull. If you ever wanted to be part of a real cult or misfit suicide squad, this is your chance.

Some of us raid in two guilds, varying from top 50 to top 500.

Friday: 20:00h-00:00h server time
Saturday: 20:00h-00:00h server time

|deathknight (dd)|high|
|deathknight (tank)|high|
|demon hunter (dd)|high|
|demon hunter (tank)|high|
|druid (balance)|high|
|druid (restoration)|high|
|druid (feral-tank)|high|
|monk (healer)|high|
|paladin (protection)|high|
|paladin (retribution)|high|
|priest (healer)|high|
|shaman (restoration)|high|
|warrior (protection)|high|

Niffler#21409 Battle.net or Niffler#0151 Discord

oh nice gz on painsmith kill

oh gee thank you so kind