Last Night 3/10M 8hr Weekend Raiding Guild

[Recruiting for Shadowlands]
1 Tank or Discipline Priest & 1 exceptional DPS.

Weekend mythic raiding guild created by players with past and current top 15-100 (leadership) experience. We support both main and second guild raiding aslong as the attendance requirements are met.

Niffler#21409 -> Consistent top 15-100 experience
Lawnn#2122 -> Current raider in Wiping As Intended (top 40)

Obtaining Cutting Edge through structural measures and good individual play while maintaining a lively atmosphere. Our core has played together before on multiple occassions and values banter alot within a raiding environment.

(Invites 15 minutes beforehand and a 15 minute break per raid)
Friday: 20:00h-00:00h server time
Saturday: 20:00h-00:00h server time

Our roster was filled after the day we recreated the guild due to friends from across the world wanting to join us, but we are still looking for a few players to finalize our roster.

Apply here -> Niffler#21409

No more Norwegians allowed

I couldn’t agree more Niffler

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