Last wish - Nightborne customization

Some say that the news were so good that even the naga caught cheering and happy for us :


Ameerah, you probably had spend too much time among the vulpera and pandarens!

fish gets it!


Too meek for the Void if you can’t handle this, fellow magister.

Here are more images of some of the new character customizations taken from the new article, 9.1.5 Content Update Preview. Be sure to take a look at what else is to come in 9.1.5. :blush:

Additionally, we saw your requests for having the Void Elf tentacle hairstyles to have a tentacle-free option. The team is looking into adding this customization option in 9.1.5 as well. Thanks again for all of your suggestions!

Lightforged Draenei


Void Elf



You have no idea how long I’ve waited for blonde hair and now I’m legit gonna cry. I can finally look like Alleria. You guys are literally the best!

Words cannot describe how excited I am for this news. I’m jumping with excitement.

Thank you for making wow a fun place where we can be creative and create our dream heroes to fight for Azeroth.


I just want to comment how brilliant LF Draenei look with those new customisations… I love them.

Nightborne look great too, so happy to see the eye shape they should have had from the start!


When you said five natural hair shades for Void Elves I did not expect three shades of blond and two shades of orange. Again no black, white and brown :frowning:


I was surprised there was no Black given how popular the request was. But I’m still excited for these options.


Holy…that looks just wonderful! I’m looking forward to seeing more…well…more…more is always good - especially when it comes to something like this! :o Keep it up. In the coming patches please also again for the other races. :wink:

The Lightforged Draenei women are so gorgeous ! :heart_eyes:

I love it even if it looks like a copy / paste blood elves.

I’m not worried because when the time comes when the Void Elves get their new customization options, they will probably have other natural hair colors, I hope there will be black, brown and white.


Nightborne male, the second model from the right looks amazing.

All i wanted were narrow eyes and metal chin. Looks simillar to NPCs but not a copy paste.

Thank you.


Im begging you, please tell the team to look into lifting the racial restriction on Demon Hunters, to allow them to become both Nightborne and Void Elves.

Since the Nighborne animations are tied to Night Elves, and the same goes for Void Elves to the Blood Elves, all of the animations for the class is already uniquely in place. While I’m sure its more work than merely flipping a button, it would be really nice to actually get a bit of racial diversity for the Demon Hunters within both the Horde and the Alliance.

It’s such a damn shame that we’re locked to a single race, depending on the faction. As someone who desperately wants to play a Nightborne, while also wanting to play a character that I enjoy gameplay wise, I really hope that this is something you guys could potentially look into.

Thank you kindly for these replies, updates and customization options, they’re awesome, and I hope that I one day will be able to enjoy them as well.


NO WAYYYYYY :scream:

Send help please those are amazing!!!


if u look at the midle male nightborne the left one itis exacly same skin what the void elves has in the pic …

not the same. The NB has a green tint. The void elf is blue

ehh i am not impressed they can make them alot better looking


Lol I hadn’t paid attention to this really important information for the void elves ! :joy:

Thank you again for the feedback given to the teams that take care of the customizations.:ok_hand::+1::heart:


These LFD customizations are GREAT!!!
Can’t wait the long tail, the jewels, the plating/tattoos, the the the…
…the stuffs basically that I have to be naked to see on my charater!
Seriously, add some G-string and other thongs and those string-bras as a mog so I actually could enjoy my charater’s look
Because 90% of the time, the aromur we wear are hide these cool stuffs :roll_eyes:


Hey Linxy.

Would this hair color be possible for void elves and be different from blood elves?

Hmm does Vereesa Windrunner have different white hair color than the blood elves?
Tentacle-free option would be great :+1:

Is it possible the normal Draenai can have Rune symbol on their head. Vindicator Maraad had a blue Rune symbol on his head in the TBC cinematic trailer but didn’t have one ingame. And Velen has purple Rune Symbol on his head and I think the Runes look exactly the same as the Lightforged Draenai have except the normal Draenai is blue and purple color.

Oh and tell the Art Team A+ :+1:


Fine, you convinced me to level up to the max
Still hate SL tho’
But these costumizatons look AWESOME!!!