Late Night Raiding Guild

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to stop by!

A bit about us:

Our guild first started out as a cross realm community for people that have other commitments in their lives - be it family or strange work schedule, or whatever - but would like to enjoy raiding on a level which is above normal and LFR. After a long trial period as a community we saw the potential in our current members and decided to settle down on Outland – Alliance.

Goal and Progression:

Our goal is to create a casual and family friendly environment while raiding. We aim to get Curve for each tier in Shadowlands too, and then progress into Mythic raiding at a healthy pace.

We finished ‘Battle for Azeroth’ on the 42nd place across all guilds on Outland regarding progression through heroic difficulty!

Raiding & active hours:

Due to being a ‘late night guild’ we mostly come online after 8-9pm ST but you can always find a few ppl online around the clock.

We are raiding 2 nights a week with an additional possibility to increase it up to 3 nights, if the progression demands it. As I mentioned we are a casual guild, but we take the raids and the preparation seriously.

Raids are from 21:30ST (1st pull) until 00:00ST.

Thursday and Monday + 1 of Friday or Sunday as an optional push night.

If you are new to Mythic raiding or basically any raiding and would like to join a guild that plans to step into Mythic every tier once Heroic is cleared, feel free to let us know.

General information:

If you are willing to put in the effort, I’m sure you can enjoy the “endgame” in a mature and calm environment surrounded by people with the same mindset as yours. The guild is clean of toxicity and willing to keep it as it is, we guarantee that. You can be a new player or a veteran I’m sure if you have a similar mindset to ours you will enjoy your time with the guild.

In case you would like to join us but do not want to hit that transfer button right away, we can help you with that by providing a discord or in-game community invite until you finish your Trial period within our ranks.

We are not only looking for raiders, we also welcome socials and people who enjoy Mythic+ dungeons a bit more than raiding.

Looking for:

DPS – Be it melee or ranged.
Healer - Possible a flex between heal and DPS for early progression.

Healers and Tanks – As we are full on these roles most likely we won’t be able to provide a stable role in our raiding team, however as Mythic+ runners you are more than welcome.


Feel free to contact us here via posting to this topic, or add

Thank you if you reached this point, hope to see you in-game!

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