Latent Poison in PVP? What am I missing?

I read most SV hunters use Latent Poison. When I pull up my damage after a solo shuffle series it is usually only about 1% of my damage. It seems like that talent point would be better spent into buffing serpent sting with Serrated Shots or Hydra’s Bite as Serpent Sting damage is very high in the charts.

I’m not even sure why serpent sting is worth it either as it already has a very high uptime with Wildfire Infusion bombs and Viper’s Venom.

Thanks in advance.

Same experience.

It’s only good if you multidot explicitly with serpent sting hard cast, and then burst it off multiple people on 10 stacks. Then it might be a small damage increase.

Top hunters take this because explosive shot breaks traps and steel trap is useless into casters, while this talent always has value.

But again, it’s boring and negligible. I’ve never played it in a rated game as to me it’s the embodiment of a bad end-tree talent

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Latent poison got a huge buff on the latest PTR:


  • Fixed an issue where several talents or set bonus effects that modified damage dealt or critical damage dealt did not properly affect the damage of the Poison Injection talent.

In 10.2 the talent will be more or less mandatory. With full next-season gear latent poison can hit up to 80K.

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