Leaving, so here's appreciation

Alright, so I’m not one for big showy attention look-at-me things, so bear with me here. For the purposes of this post; Don’t worry if you don’t know who I am. It doesn’t matter.

After careful consideration and trying to see the long-term value in continuing, I’ve decided to leave the game for good, or at the very least for many many years.
The roleplaying community was pretty much the only reason for continuing, so I felt it wasn’t right if I just up and left without letting you all know how awesome you are.

That’s right. This isn’t about me, it’s about you!

So, in no particular order;

  • Rotgarde (all of you): Thanks for letting me tag along a long while back with Gnaark. It was a whole lot of fun, and I greatly enjoyed it. Your particular brand of roleplay has a really solid foundation, and it is easy to see why you’ve all been doing it for years. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • Gnomebois: At the end of the day, getting shot or threatened every time we met was a good time. No hard feelings!

  • PCU (All of you): Thanks for bringing continuity/persistence to the server. I’ve almost exclusively been a walk-up rp’er, and worked entirely with what I can get from IC interactions, rumours and such, and the shift from normal day-to-day individual bubble roleplay groups, to persistent information and history between groups that had no IC connection was a game-changer. It really made it work for me in a way it didn’t before. The world became more immersive, and that was more or less entirely because of this initiative. Absolutely top notch.

  • Kaitylinn: I really enjoy your wacky high-energy one-off adventures. I’ve taken part in a few on different characters, and it’s always been a good time. Much appreciated, and never change! The energy in particular is infectious in the best of ways.

  • Others I’ve had semi-long term roleplay with somehow: My attention span is too short for recurring roleplay with the same people, and I am highly likely to disappear off on a tangent adventure; so if I’ve interacted with you more than five times on purpose, it means you’re top tier. Seal of approval. Gold medal.

  • To anyone I’ve had any walk-up roleplay with at all (You know who you are better than I do, as I am terribly forgetful, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of you); You’re the lifeblood of this server. You make it all work. You’re the cherry on the sundae, the-… You see where this is going. It doesn’t matter if our encounter left me unconcious on the floor, beaten to a pulp, or enjoying a clown-served ice cream. My end-of-the-day take away has always been enjoyment, and the vast majority of interactions have been enjoyable. So pat yourself on the shoulder or something, I don’t know, I’m not your mom.

  • Whoever I might have missed; Whoops?

Wikkin Foolquest, Gilbanox, Gnaark, and a handful of other sillier (if you can believe it) characters; Signing off. Thank you for everything.


my good lad THANK YOU for the times I’ve seen you around and RPd with you. I do have some great memories if I recall correctly and lets all pray things get better with this game and company

(Narrator: they wont)

Wherever you go, I hope life treats u well fren :slight_smile:

I know how you feel and I too have a feeling I wont be returning for a while, at least for Shadowlands for sure. I left Slands in March and I left in WoD for a good 2 years as well up until Legion, but the Blizzard reputation has deteriorated so much that I cannot tell if I will be around for the next expansion either.

:pray: :man_kneeling:

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Bless you gamer; its been an honour to serve! <3

I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed them; I wish you all the best for wherever you go in the future. I give you my energy, as they say!

And since I don’t plan to grow a social life anytime soon, if you ever do come back and I’m still around, you’re more than welcome to roll with us anytime =]


I became the very thing I swore to destroy and almost killed your character twice over it!
See you around bro

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throwback to when me and 3 other assemblage gnomes beat the crap out of you and then tossed you into the canals

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Hood lost another real one today

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