Legacy Thirty is recruiting both EU and NA players

Hello all,

Legacy Thirty is looking for more level 30 players.

Join our unique World of Warcraft community and perfect your level 30 character in PVP, PVE, raids, and dungeons at this prime level.

What do we offer:

  • We have a guild on Thrall (US) and Draenor (EU). You are welcome to join.
  • Raiding is done on a regular basis in the weekend.
  • Join our friendly discord for more info discord.gg/UquEgHC9xS
  • No need to change server, when TWW hits you can join the guild from every server.
  • We dont tell you what to play, choice the character that looks most fun to you.
  • Gear runs to get you up tp speed are provided if needed.
  • We expect more people to join the guild once TWW goes live.
  • A friendly and toxic free community on discord.

Contact me ingame or on the discord if you need more info.
Looking forward to see you in game!!

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