Legendary Memories from Castle Nathria

We’ve seen how many players are having a hard time finding groups for Castle Nathria to obtain the Legendaries from that raid.

With a hotfix that we’re implementing soon today, we’re going to provide an option for returning players and alts to get these Memories through gameplay other than the Castle Nathria raid itself.

  • Legendary Memories that were previously obtainable only from Castle Nathria can now also be purchased from Rendle, who now appears in both Castle Nathria and in Haven.

Rendle will sell the Castle Nathria Memories for the same currencies that you can currently use to buy the random legendary item Chronicle of Lost Memories (Grateful Offerings, Catalogued Research, or Soul Cinders), and also for Cosmic Flux. At the same time, the Chronicle of Lost Memories will not become available for Cosmic Flux, as we want to make sure players keep enough of that currency to begin upgrading their legendaries in Eternity’s End, and remain able to use the upcoming Creation Catalyst to create tier set items.

As part of this change, we’re reducing the cost of the random Legendary item from some of its previous sources.

  • The Chronicle of Lost Memories now costs 15 Grateful Offerings from Covenant Vendors (was 30), or 1500 Catalogued Research from Archivist Roh-Suir (was 2000), or 400 Soul Cinders from Bonesmith Heirmir (was 600).

Rendle inventory is empty when i try to use one of my alt, i can use only the repair option.

EDIT: Seem that only on this alt, the mage, can’t see the memories… on my hunter show all.


Speaking of cosm flux, what are we supposed to do with literally thousand of gallons of that currency. Talking about upward 30k

Have opened 2 tickets and submitted 1 bug report, after the provided solutions from Blizzard’s support didn’t do anything for me. 2 of my alts can see the memories Rendle sells, my main (who has done all the work in ZM) sees only the repair option, just like you describe. So very frustrating.

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I have opened this on support section: Rendle inventory is empty, can't buy leggendary memories

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much appreciated!

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