Legendary transmog

So the new beta patch just dropped to give us a show at reforging and transmog and stuffs.

Happy to see indeed the Retail collection UI so I can finally empty my bank but incredibly disappointed to see the stupid “no legendary” rule is being kept right now. Meaning you cannot transmog legendaries to other items or transmog other times to other legendaries.

Please…why? Can we please #somechanges this? Took years in Retail for absolutely no reason. These awesome items are just gonna sit on banks collecting dust forever. And yes, I personally do not mind at all seeing “everyone” run around with Warglaives or Shadowmourne or Sulfuras. We’ll have plenty of Corrupted Ashbringers already. Please don’t let these cool weapons sit on the bank.


Personally I am sad to see we can’t transmog to white items. I’d also like the option of hiding shoulderpads.

Although I don’t want them to get rid of the current hide helm/cloak. It’s kinda nice to be able to do that on the fly without needing to visit a transmogger. I never understood why they removed it in the first place, back in actual retail when transmog was first introduced.


It’s weird to see they went with the transmog system we had in pre SL while in retail transmog had several changes since.

  • transmog to white and grey items
  • transmog from lvl 1 on heirloom with most (all but last expansion) collected mogs available right off the bat
  • legendaries
  • QoL like hide x slot
  • learnable enchant glows

Cmon blizz we’ve reached cata which is the expansion transmog made it’s debut. There’s zero reason to restrict stuff.


Transmog’ing whites/grays and hiding shoulders is something I really hoped for.
If not at launch, I really hope they’ll add it quickly after.


I do agree, that even though it wasnt available back then, there is no reason to restrict it now.
Transmog is one of the system that was developed over time to be better. Why not use the best version of this system that we have available if its possible. It wont give players any advantages at all…just qol.


Yeah I really do not get it. Even very good QoL if missing in this version like just being able to “save” a transmog set so you can switch between them in one click essentially and as others have mentioned white and grey items or mogging different shoulder pads. This stuff being available would multiply the number of options you have by some magnitudes.

Please just do the DF version. Transmog is such a huge feature but it really only got better over time. Going back in time for this one only brings disappointment.

(also sorry for the char switch. Had the wrong one when making the top post)


I’m not an expert but it might be the game client its being built from that’s causing/creating the UI given

I earned my Shadowmourne, let me mog it


Totally agree, hoping it will be available

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I agree

Also, this is slightly unrelated but I didn’t wanna make another topic. We should also be able to transmog ranged weapons right? Please tell me it’s just a bug that we can’t do it currently (and to any type of ranged, bow gun etc).


Nah, they’re using a DF client as a base (Originally Legion).

Yes, you should be able to transmog ranged weapons - you should even be able to see ‘‘Ranged’’ in the wardrobe.

Same… I was so looking forward to have shoulders hidden, and was quite disappointed in that not being the case in Beta. It could still be added, though, once the pre-patch hits.

Emblems is supposed to be removed with Pre-patch, on beta they’re still there (and earnable from Wrath queues). So here’s to hoping it’s just a beta thing.


+1 Warglaives should be transmogable please!