Legion: artifact short question

Hello there. Total newbie here. I am 104 lvl fury warrior. I put 2 relics to relics to my artifact and i have 2 questions.

  1. How can I enable the traits (I have everything locked in grey color: Odyn’s fury 1/1 and Thirst for Battle 0/1 )? I went to the forge next to Master Smith Helgar but i can’t do anything more there.
  2. Recently I got new relics that gives more + item level (than these that i already equipped in weapon). Should I put them there to upgrade weapon (at the same time deleting the old ones) OR should I put them to artifact weapons for arms/protection (where i have free space for them). When i hit 110 I will probably leave Legion for some time and do new expansion. Btw does these relics give me something else than item level?

I really hope someone will help me :S

I think its a legacy item nowadays and traits dont work, you can put relics on it though. Im not 100% sure its been ages since i looked at it.

But generally the best tip i can give you is: Ignore it.
Just level up and @ 120 blue heroic dung weapons will be alot better than this.
Your legendary items though will work until you get to 110, then the effect will stop working

relics still give the weapon a better item level so it is useful to use the best ones you have, while you are in the level range. After 110 there is no much use for the artifact anymore…

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Ty guys very much. Unfortunately after reaching 110 and completing the quest battle for lordaeron I could chose only one 2 handed weapon so i think i will need to use my legion weapon gear a little bit more.

I kept my Artifact weapons for a few levels, into Battle for Azeroth, so don’t worry! You will soon get an upgrade as you level up!

It’s the worst on a Rogue. I’m currently leveling one, he’s 118 and still have to use artiafct weapons because so far I only got one dagger.

wrong, the legendary effects work til lv115

That answers back all along, just in case you missed it.

my intention was NOT to prove you wrong, i responded with the correct information so others would also know that the effects work til lv115

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