Legion Artifact

Hey everyone, I’ve literally been to the second page of Google and still couldn’t find a good answer.
Recruited a friend to WoW lately and they played through Legion Already:
They got Loremaster achieve, cleared all the raids on mythic, completed the class campaign…
You get my point, they did Legion.

Now, when I open my transmog window thingy, I can easily select the Legion Artifect Weapon tab on all my characters, they don’t have that.
What exactly do they need to do to get it?
Many thanks in advance!

If they did complete the class campaign they should have at least one artifact weapon with some skins unlocked. And if they logged out and later logged back in at any time after obtaining the artifact they should have the transmog.

It is impossible to complete class campaign without artifact weapon because the first step is to get artifact weapon. It is difficult to complete loremaster achie without artifact weapon because you need to obtain it to gain access to scouring map that allows you to start questliens in lveling zones. It’s not impossible but difficult because you have to know where to find starter quests in the world.

So they might have some sort of addon that blocks it or maybe they only check this option at transmogrifer and they don’t have artifact for the spec they are currently playing. Lastly they do something wrong and click wrong things or are just unable to see what right in front of them.

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Will check it out and made sure everything was done currectly :frowning: Thanks!

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