Lemonade Stormscale recruiting !


Lemonade-Stormscale .

is currently looking for 4 more dps preferably 2 Rdps and 2Mdps to fill out our ranks as core raiders we are 2/8 mythic and are looking for people who are willing to push mythic raiding to a next level starting off with next raid tier we are aiming for Cutting edge for every raid tier . we raid on : Monday.Wednesday and Thursday from 19 till 22 ST .

What can you expect from us ?

  1. serius mythic progression
  2. a good amount of banter on trash or bosses who are on farm
  3. a serius leadership team that are as like minded in the mythic progression as the raiders themselves

What do we expect from the raiders ?

  1. be serius on boss encounters
  2. have a working discord account and a working mic for clear communications
  3. be commited towards our raid times and the fact that we might extend 30 to 45 minutes according to the progress on the current boss
    are you interested ??
    you can always contact me on either discord or battlenet
    jesse#8665 (Discord)
    shorizo#2628 (Battlenet)

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