Leper Gnome guide?


So on my Alliance character I have decided to be a Gnome but look like a Leper Gnome. Ofc I went DK as they can have green skin, but I was wandering if there is any items/mounts that would help me obtain the Leper gnome build? (FYI I already have Fel-proof goggles)


ah is it the roleplayer again? -.- how many times should we teach you a lesson?

p.s go to argent dawn sub-forum and ask there, they’ll help you better


I aint no rper >:( but thanks Ill try there :slight_smile:


a cloth wearer would probably dress better because of the rag like pieces

other than that, obviously unholy dk for the ‘irradiated’ green plague splats


Have a friend stock up on wands during Halloween? The Halloween vendors sell wands that let you transform into different things including leper gnomes i think. Or am i confused with the wands from a previous wow anniversary?


No youre right but I was looking for permanent, thanks tho

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Toy with 10min duration and 10min CD. Basically making it perma transformation toy.


Might have to get that thanks

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There are 2 shirts you can buy from Old Dalaran which are bandages. With the upcoming patch that lets you hide your chest piece, they’d work well for leper gnome.


Ill take a look

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I would advise caution however, you will need a full group of 120’s with decent gear because he is a raid level boss and will be hitting you for hundreds of thousands.

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