Let me have the option to turn off bonus xp for myself only

GENERAL DISCLAIMER: I want the option to turn the exp boost off for myself. I am 100% NOT against having it in the game. I just want the option to enjoy taking it slow and being able to visit and explore so many places with my character. If I can turn it off then everyone can do whichever they like the most and prefer for themselves.

For myself (and many others I’m sure) the really slow and trudging leveling process that we had in Classic Vanilla is something that I really, really enjoyed and want to do again before essentially everyone else are playing end game content and it’s still possible to run almost every dungeon (not just the most popular) without worrying about outleveling the ability to play all the different dungeons with one character. Even without the summoning stones in Classic Vanilla I had a great time making my way to, and playing, Deadmines as Horde ( which I think is at the very least a 20+ minute journey from Tarren Mill without a mount?)

Some people really prefer (and find most enjoyment in) the end game content. Others, (like me) actually find the leveling process more interesting and content rich as it truly can feel like a super nostalgic exploration and immersion in the content of the low level zones (in a way that I think aged relatively well and feels about as good as I remember it, unlike the min-maxed endgame that doesn’t feel like it holds up in the same way to me personally).

I really understand people that feel “been there, done that” in regards to leveling a character, perhaps even back when Classic first released. I do find that analogous to how I feel about raiding in Classic TBC (been there, done that, it’s fun but I have zero “FOMO” about it). Gearing up a character and have the progress essentially reset for each newly released raid tier feels redundant and arbitrary to me (but that’s just my experience).

Maybe it’s just on my end, but since Classic Vanilla and TBC has such an outdated/archaic and broken class balance (and so many other mechanics), which I don’t think can be recreated at all without a time machine and that we pay a huge sum to relive, I don’t feel motivated to min-max to any notable extent. I don’t personally (you do you) see the appeal of applying modern theorycrafting to something that’s supposed be a nostalgic experience (but I have full understanding for if others think that it would be a waste of time to not do it and push themselves to excellence and mastery). That leaves me with the feeling that I care more about the experience of the world itself, rather than trying to perform beyond an average/high average level in endgame.

Thus, I’d really like it if I could just be allowed to take the time that I want to progress towards the max level. It’s fine if you think that it would be the “casual scrub” experience, and that people like me would hold you back. However, it’s such an integral part to the nostalgia for me to waste time, escape reality for a while, enjoy making new friends with like-minded (and really won’t affect anyone that doesn’t want to play like that as I still show respect for people that want a more optimised experience when we do dungeon runs together or similar activities).

TL;DR: People enjoy different things about Classic. That’s good. I just want to be able to play it the slow way that I prefer, without interfering with anyone elses boosted leveling experience.


Add a (de)buff to people who wanna turn off the extra xp.
Also adding nice flexing aspect (like to hc) would be nice.


Good idea but I think it’s too late

Yeah, but it would still be possible to implement relatively soon I’d imagine. If they would make that a priroity.

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It could be quickly implemented, but would most likely end up being a Season of Mastery (Season 2) feature.

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I love this idea!! I never got to play original classic due to busy final year at university, but now i can take my time and enjoy the experience. Make it happen blizz!


General response from me regarding the replies: I’m happy to see that people whom feel sympathy towards my sentiment made replies. It has always been a gamble with the type of attitudes recieved in responses to new threads. Fun to see that I’m not alone in this which might suggest that there’s a good chance I’d run into more that feel similarly when playing SoM (at least if we can disable XP buff voluntarily!) :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah! Precisely. I don’t see why not. Unlike waaaaay back in the days there’s no influx of new players to classic as the ones who were interested knew about it before/just as it released, the news of it coming was all over the internet!

Maybe next season then at the very least (I hope). There’s still four available realms which all seems to have quite decent populations for now, and I think that it speaks well that season two will have at least two or perhaps more servers with people in it too, that’s all that one can really ask for IMO. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Oh noo, im lvling waaay too fast, x2 Quest exp is overkill
I dont get the issue, I really dont.
Wall of text over the fact you lvl 5min faster, seriously?

The buff is +40% and an additional extra from some quests. That’s huge.

It’s fine if you don’t want to disable it. I would only ask for it as optional, each to their own.

hc? What does that mean?

Hardcore mode, its basically like the Ironman Challenge.

“In Season of Mastery, two newly added NPCs will grant players a special buff if they have yet to die called “Soul of Iron.” This denotes that the recipient has never known defeat and is visible to other players. It’s the first time WoW has officially supported a “hardcore” mode, even if it’s not fully fleshed out.”

Ah yes, I’m well aware of that challenge, thank you very much. Rather weird people abbreviate the Soul of Iron challenge to “hc” but I totally get it now.


No, means you could, if you wanted, create the ultimate twink and act all big n bad in BGs

Did you read even my title? The bonus experience buff.

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