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i faction changed and i already had done the achievement on another alliance toon , but apparently i can’t complete the dailies(since i had the pet already) to do the achievement on the toon im specifically doing the achievements (wanna do all achievements only on my main) is this a bug or? and if so there will be an achievement i can never complete?

Hey Bupadin,

I’m not sure I understand correctly here, but from what I can tell you have done the achievement on your character and then faction changed.

You want to be able to do the daily and achievement on another character as well? In that case, you would need to re-do the questline that unlocks it.

If you have done the questline and you do not see the daily, I would suggest that you report it as a potential bug.

i faction changed on the character im doing all achivements on , and i had an alliance toon i did the achievement on , so i was able to get the pet from the start of bfa , but since i faction changed my horde paladin i’m not able to see the dailies after finishing the quest line , and what gms told me was that , since i got the pet i can’t redo the dailies but the achievement is not blue , so i can’t get it either atm

Uhm, u have to do dailies x amount of times before u get pet.

Not only one time.

U need to at least let it take a week or so…

as i said i had already done the achievement on a different toon , and since i had the pet i can’t redo the dailies just to get the achievement , that’s my issue and since the achievement is not blue , it’s like not earnt on that specific character

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