Let's educate each other on DF class changes

OK, so there are changes happening to various classes but studying all possible changes on classes you don’t play isn’t very feasible… so let’s make some posting with main changes happening to your classes (or classes you care about), from PvP point of view.

Let me start


  • All specs will have access to Dragon Breath
  • DB gets 45 sec CD, but it’s reduced by a talent
  • no one will pick shifting power in proposed builds
  • Mages will be able to reset fight with Mass Polymorph, that polymorphs everything around, possibly good to peel melees off urself/healer
  • Frost mages might be a go-to class for RMP according to Xaryu and he has a point as frost mage will have a ton of instant damage as well as Slick Ice and Freezing Winds old leggos talented
  • Displacement-like spell is back for all specs
  • Every spec might have a hard knocking blast wave
  • All specs can spec Ice Wall and Ring of Fire.

I forgot - frost mage gets an AoE stun as a PvP talent!



May have been a different person who spat on you this time, no other changes :rofl::rofl:

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you can’t spit on players in game now

I ment developer wise regarding how they ignored the entire feedback thread and issued 0 changes.

Well they got CR

no, but seriiously guys - post info about changes - following everything at once is a trying task, let’s make a condensed version for everything in this topic

I’m still hoping it is too early to post these kind of changes.


  • Garbage class tree, not gaining anything
  • Mighty Bash exclusive with Disorienting Roar
  • Mass Entanglement exclusive with Ursol’s Vortex


All specs can spec Steel trap, Intimidation (exclusive with High Explosive Trap) and Scatter Shot (exclusive with Binding Shot).

Binding Shot stuns for 3 seconds instead of root. Tar Trap talent now gives a 4 second root.

Resonating Arrow LoS effect carries on via Sentinel Owl talent, but needs focus spending to charge between 5-12 seconds. It doesn’t modify dmg in anyway.

Hunters keep Death Chakram from SL, but it no longer has Explosive Shot attached to it, because there is no legendary.

All hunter specs have a way to reset Kill Shot, as with Flayed Shot. Can speak for MM, it is done via talent by casting Aimed Shot, on percentage chance to proc. There is no more Razor Fragments legendary, so the overall impact is much less volatile.

Edit for more info, for those who are interested.

BM dmg profile is more balance now, with Kill Command being much more prominent and with many Barbed Shot talents giving an actual forethought of usage. And while having an advantage of doing anything on the move stays the biggest BM’s strength, it is tehnically, not a 2 button spec anymore :* In fact, it is the most fleshed out spec going into SL according to several hunter pros.

But since I will still rather be cought dead than playing BM, a small general info of my favourite spec, Marksman.

Marksman will play similar to SL, but with several dmg improvements, and overall, the spec is more fun, mostly because Flayed Shot effect is baked into the talents, giving MM a hybrid playstyle of Necro/Venthyr/Kyrian if specced into the right talents. Important to note that none of this is followed by soulbind, counduit and legendary modifiers, so no more 1 shotting behind the pillar or following Death Chakram, unless they overtune Aimed Shot.

Marksman can now spec Intimidation, which makes it stronger in a lacking department - not being able to secure it’s burst on kill target, if the stun is used so. Having to pick between Scatter Shot and Binding Shot feels meh, but the positive side is it opens a slot in PvP talent selection.

Craven effect is not being carried over (rejoice!), but we still have Survival Tactics and our def has been buffed with Survival of the Fittest being in the class tree, while being able to modify either it’s cd and duration, or dmg reduction up to 40% (which will make it equivalent to Astral Shift). If more def is desired, hunters can opt for tenacity pet, geteting HP bonus and a new cooldown, a Rallying Cry/BM trinket hp effect.

Selfhealing is still relatively weak and contained in Exh, and imho, kiting ability stays around the same.

Can’t speak for Survival, but I’ve seen mostly negative opinions on spec tree, but I am sure pro players will still rock it, especially with Scatter Shot being available.

BM and Survival retain their more sustained dmg profile, while MM remains the most ‘‘go oriented’’, unless you pick sting and proc talents, which to my belief is an attempt to give old Survival playstyle back. However, I play MM for it’s burst and hope it retains it’s bursty nature. With the stun available, I hope the burst is reasonably tuned.

Overall, for most I’ve seen, most specs feel a lot better going into DF, with increased utility being shared among specs trough class trees. Imho, mages stand out in this aspect. There are zero external modifiers so far in DF, and I doubt they will go back to that. Everything is contained in talent trees.

From spec to zone design, getting a strong MoP vibe from DF beta.


Shadow priest

  • Looked good, got gutted to the gutter again.

why can’t people just spend 1 minute writing basic stuff down instead of writing such silly comments


Because she does not have attention span to tell what is the problem. You can thank social media, modern teacherless education and free upbringing for that.

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Why cant people spend one minute reading patch notes?

we didn’t get anything fancy new but we have now:

  • doom winds (8s duration and doesn’t do dmg at the moment)
  • autoproc ascendance
  • 10 msw spending instead of 5
  • ele blast (currently) one shotting people and has 2 charges
  • double elemental shields
  • windrush / root totem
  • gust of wind or spirit rush (mostly no change for enhance)
  • primordial wave gives 10 msw so you you can double ele blast
  • hailstorm frost shocks
  • not every build has hex / tremor (for bgs at least)
  • stone claw totem is 10% phys dmg reduction, probably not worth taking, ever.
    -If you go ascendance route, it will blast auto lightning bolts and will destroy everyone, but it will make the shaman very vulnerable because it autouses all the maelstrom it generates and you are left without msw for healing - so glass canon and suicide mode

once they nerf ele blast there is no need to worry as everything else seems to deal minor dmg


And then look at Rogue or Warrior class tree. :joy:

Talent trees are already a big failure.

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It’s only logical that some random dude sneaking around with knives, or a medieval knight in plate armor are best in the game, right? Because magic etc is really overrated when it comes to fantasy.

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Im very hyped about every rogue spec getting Gouge and having the option to Shadow Dance. :clown_face:

Or Outlaw with Shadowstep. :upside_down_face:

Its understandable tho, the Class is very underperforming the last 8 expacs.


I think people forgot their is even a next expansion…

Remind me what do dragons have to do with anything again?

Sorry its just i dont find myself being compelled by a new talent tree format that just plotted toxic shadowlands abilities on it lol. (These small brains are keeping convoke in the game. They are so incompetent)

Usually game developers…you know…develop new abilities to…you know…attract customers

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