Lets talk Cursing!

Lets talk Cursing!

The verry populair Brittish c- Word, a vulgair way to describe the female Reproductive organ, is banned from the Forums using the C-Word will get you banned instantly.

The same goes for the B-Word, the name of a female Dog
The F -word, a Vulgair description of intercourse between two humans or others.
The T -word, a vulgair word to describe someone with a lower inteligence,
The S-Word a vulgair word to describe excrement, mostly human or dogs.

But using a vile disease that affects millions is not even Frowned upon? I am talking ofcourse about the C-Word, a Word that describes a terrible disease affecting millions, no its not Covid.

Everything is C-Word this and C-Word that And you know what, i am going to mention it just once so you dont mistake it for a different disease currently killing millions.

‘’ Cancer’’

I do not understand what happend here, over the last few months i keep seeing people use this word to describe many situation

X person is doing C-Word DPS
This is such a C-Word Expansion
This is such a C-Word Dungeons
The Loot drop is absolutely C-Word.

This word carries more weight and more pain then any of the words above, ( apart from racial slurs)
I use the F-Word and the S-Word on a daily basis, yet these harmless cursewords are banned but the horrific disease is not.

ITs offensive, its rude, and its outright painfull to see people use it in the way its being used.
Imagine if i would call everything Corona, would that be okay? Seeing the time we live in? It has the same impact!

Its not just a word, The S-Word is just a word.

Think about what you say,
Dont use the C-Word

Rabies the Magnificent,


sigh. 10/char


This, THIS is what i mean, people act like its nothing.
Its Verry Offensive, Its Rude, its obnoxious and it is NOT ok.


if you let a mere word offend you online then there is no hope my friend.

you cant ban every word people find offensive these days, then there would soon be no words left.

man up instead, easier and better


There is the profanity filter

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Use it. The game isn’t bible camp.


Stop trying to impersonate Rabies. All I see is a silly RĂ€bies

That Mythic + I did was such a corona.


It doesnt filter the C-Word

I am verry serrious, this is not ok
The otherone, the PVP one, that was for fun :slight_smile:

You wouldnt use the C-Word outside the game, why would you use it here.
I am over 25 years old but if i used it anywhere i am getting beaten up, and rightfully so,. do NOT use such an offensive word, you dont see me call everyone racials slurs, this is the exact same thing, the exact level of offensiveness,

Show some respect

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Yes yes. Still you are trying to be someone you are not! You are RĂ€bies not Rabies. Rabies is another person so you should not call yourself by his name!

Why would you even get offended by someone saying “cancer” I assume that’s what you’re talking about

Like what? I’m a cancer survivor and I couldn’t care less if someone says “That affix is pure cancer”

Like what? Why would I be offended? That’s just so stupid

You are more of a white girl than me lol


Just because you are not offended, doesnt mean its not offensive, i am not offended if someone calls me a racial slur that doesnt make it not offensive.

Dont use the C word its that easy,

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Then don’t be offended. People these days are offended by every word. Be a bigger man/woman/it and let it go.

Cancer is not a racial slur or anything like that.

How does saying “This mythic + run was pure cancer” offend? Like at all?
Like do you just go to the internet and get offended by people saying words

Also your race is Worgen, it reminds me of my dog Beta
She got hit by a car so I hope you race change right now ;(

Or be an even bigger person and just not use it.
Its not me, its millions of people who dont like it

Just dont use The C-word like that its not hard.

Not the same,
I was slapped by a woman once please changed your gender

Why because it offends someone? I want people to stop talking about cars because my daddy died in a car accident
And he didn’t put my name on his will :sob:

iTs MiLiOn Of PeOpLe ThAt DoNt LiK3 iT. Give me a break, if you dont like other person swearing or cursing just mute him. Both sides will be happy. I dont get it why any of these words are banned.

He is not wrong there.

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Put that way it’s not offensive. However if someone told me to “get cancer” I would be more offended. Have seen it a few times in bgs. I just mute people then however

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Not wrong, but not right either. People will use swear words, even so if people like him are offended. You cant ban every word. Or you can, but then how will you communicate?