Level 120 boost, expansion and Blizzcon

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With a new level 120 boost being datamined this may suggest that we’ll get a new expansion announcement at Blizzcon.

If i recall correctly we got to pre-order BfA around January and we got the boost.

8.2.5 is likely going to be here around Blizzcon so announcement and then 8.3 details, leading us to the expansion, or 8.3 just before at some other event.

We’ll likely have about 6 months of this major patch making it about December/January. Add six-eight months from 8.3 and then the new expansion late summer or early autumn next year.

It would work about the same.



Shadowlands. :+1:

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It’s guaranteed to be void related anyway.

I just hope we dont completely defeat N’Zoth in 8.3, I want some kind of old god expansion. I just hope they lay off the tentacles. Reminds me of 4.3.

perhaps the Emerald Dream/Nightmare. I dont think we did that story arc justice with one short raid. Maybe we’ll get to see angry Malfurion once more!!


I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of our old friend, Bolvar, too.

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Probably but knowing Blizzard this could be a long… way away.


Can you link the source for this datamine?

Nvm, found it. As the article states it may not even be for a few patches yet.

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I added it to the OP.

It’s the next small patch, so probably two months away at most.


I wouldn’t mind it sooner rather than later tbh, perhaps then my lady will actually have a max level character.

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The warbringer theory’s still up.

We got to fight 2 of the warbringers, the 3rd one remains and probably is going to be our final expansion boss. So i doubt we’ll even see N’zoth in a raid anytime soon.

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There will be the next expansion announcement this Blizzcon and the release in late September/early October 2020. I expect the pre-order, with the boost, to be available in February or March and the beta in July. This is guesswork on my part.

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I don’t even know what I would boost at this point :slight_smile:


They claimed they wanted this Blizzcon to be the biggest ever.

Sounds like an expansion reveal for WoW along some other projects (OW 2 and Diablo 4 should be there, along maybe one of the incubator mobile titles) and the usual content for their titles.


My ideal 8.3 Is Plunder Isle, Dragon Isle, Bloodsail buccaneers and Centaur.

Yes it’s stupid shut up.

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Imagine it’s not.

I would foresee actual riots.

Well nerd riots.


Well i’m expecting more than the Warcraft 3 reforged reveal, at least a gameplay and release date for Diablo 4. But it’ll be revealed at the very least, they need to redeem themselves from last year Blizzcon

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These “nerd riots” are actual players and not some stupid basement dwellers. They had enough power to let the Blizzard stock price fall significantly.

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Lol, that had nothing to do with Blizzcon. All shares were dropping at the time. Was Apple also due to Blizzcon.

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It has been 2 years so there should be an announcement I think, yes.

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