Level 120 boost, expansion and Blizzcon


I’m hoping that this is just WoD 2.0 and we will get expansion VERY soon with 8.2.5 being the final patch.

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WoD wasn’t quick even though we got one proper content patch.


Oh my , imagine the sheer terror of nerds passive aggresively making memes for a month again. Like with the red shirt guy at the mobile diablo game announcement.

Besides everyone already know bfa IS Diablo 4


Thank GOD. I’ve just finished grinding Zuldazar for the fifth time in a row and I’m done with it. I loved it, and still find it a fascinating place, but if I hear about “de blood trolls” one more damn time I am going to implode.


You got the point tho right? I hope we get next xpac asap

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Adding a 120 boost could be a way to satisfy those people who complain about the intense grind to get to level 120. Remember that you cannot get to Mechagon and/or Natjzatar until you are 120.

While I doubt they would release a boost so early, it is probably there to get ready for 9.0.


Another paladin obviously


A Zandalari Paladin called Biggerelf

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120 boost?! and here I thought, Blizzard would add a lvl squish to 60 in 9.0.
Well, what’s next! a lvl 60 boost for classic?!


I really doubt for a new expansion that fast , bfa has 1 year and a few days . The boost will be to make money if that’s even real .
Maybe d4 at blizzcon , in d3 we already at season 18 .

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I’m going to guess:

WoW BfA patch 8.2.5 release on October 16.
WoW expansion announcement at Blizzcon November 1.
WoW BfA patch 8.3.0 release on February 12.
WoW BfA patch 8.3.5 release on April 15 and expansion pre-orders.
WoW expansion Beta start in May 2020.
WoW pre-expansion patch 9.0 release in August 2020.
WoW expansion release in September 2020.

It’ll fluctuate a little bit, but we’ve been through this so many times now - and so has Blizzard - that the future is sort of known in advance.

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I am a Paladin addict, I already have a 120 and 110 Zanda pala (levelled for heritage) :smile:


Gimme that account wide rep sync, even at 10$-20$ charge and I’m happy.

Fo real, the fact that you have to grind the rep of old factions you’ve already farmed on your ex-mains just pisses me off. No fun.

And as Reggie said: “If it’s not fun, why bother?”


A dwarf paladin named “Punything” ?


this may suggest that we’ll get a new expansion

was already a quaranteed thing



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My Alliance Paladins…


You ain’t making it easy you know ?

A Tauren paladin named “Definitelynotanelf” ?

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I actually race changed my Tauren paladins to other races, I got sick and tired of getting stuck on the rope bridges in Zuldazar. They get the half way point get stuck and then can’t move any further without dismounting and remounting again.

So they became male Belfs :laughing:

We have flying now so it wouldn’t matter so much but when out and about at the beginning of the expansion it was very annoying.

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Im copy-pasting another post of mine from another thread:

Someone correct me if im wrong because i don’t seem to recall anything similar like this before.

But did Blizzard ever announced the next expansion without announcing the final patch or before the final patch has already been released?

To me that would be seem odd for them to announce the next expansion since 8.3 isn’t gonna come out yet until February. Because that would spoil the story of 8.3 and there won’t be any hype for 8.3 no matter what happens there. So i expect them to just announce the date for 8.3 at Blizzcon and dive in for more details about it. And expansion announcement months later after Blizzcon. And if 8.3 comes around February (6 months after Azshara patch) that would mean no new expansion until September.

So, even if they dive into details about 8.3 they kind off spoil the end of it by also announcing the new expansion.