Level 120 boost, expansion and Blizzcon

(Someoneelse) #42

8.3, it was spoken about a year after the BfA announced.

Maybe it will only be a 2 patch expansion. Probably not.


I wish it was a 2 patch expansion

(Archronos) #44

Yeah i mean, what the patch is gonna be about, we don’t know anything about it like what’s the story, and how is it gonna end, it would be wierd to announce the next expansion without knowing anything about 8.3 in the first place. And probably spoil the content of 8.3 and its ending. It would ruin any hype for 8.3.


LVL 120 boost :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face: DO YOU GUYS NOT HAVE MONEY!

(Punyelf) #46

Well if it’s free with the next expansion, it’s not really gonna cost us :wink:

(Someoneelse) #47

I prefer included.


I wish next expansion came out faster than usual. Xmas would be great. I want to see class changes, and since blizz isn’t tuning anything during BFA, 9.0 cannot come fast enough.

Another year of the same feels too much, and I’m playing BFA for only a month.


next expansion is still a long way to go. expect it next year around september/october. If you are tired of bfa (you are not alone) there is classic that can bridge the gap until 9.0 hits live. I think thats what blizz is also putting their bets on. BFA is done - 8.3 will be only a small patch.


I played classic at the time, so not interested in it. Maybe BFA wouldn’t have sucked so much if resources weren’t spent on classic. Class changes coming only with new expansions is not the way it should be.

(Someoneelse) #51

They hired new people for classic and not making huge changes to classes is something they’ve done, or should I say not done, for many expansions.


if theres no new class, theres not much to boost (?)


LOL, so you’re getting the next xpac for free?

(Punyelf) #54

I only pay for the expansion itself. It comes with a boost.


Exactly, so you’re not getting the boost for free are you…

(Punyelf) #56

I am, I’m not paying the boost cost (£49). I’m simply getting it with the expansion.


Sigh… You’re not getting anything for free because you’re paying for the expansion. The boost on it’s own would be 49 yeah but this is bundled with the expansion to encourage players to buy it.


WoW TaR will be the new expac

(Punyelf) #59

Level 110 character boost - £49
Battle for Azeroth expansion - £39.99

The expansion includes a free boost.


I don’t care how much it is to buy in the shop, it’s NOT free. It’s simply included in the bundle as an incentive to buy the expansion. Jeez, I bet sales companies love you don’t they lol.

Hey you can have this item for free! Only if you buy this item first…

Stay in our hotel for two nights and you’ll get a free breakfast…

(Punyelf) #61

If you want to see it in a different way that’s fine but I will enjoy my free boost. I don’t pay for the boost, it’s thrown in for free with the expansion.