Level 120 boost, expansion and Blizzcon

But you’re paying for the expansion so it’s not free… sigh. Whatever, you carry on believing you’re getting something for free if it helps you sleep easier. The rest of us will see it for what it actually is.

This happens every time something is free with something else.

A free item is something you do not pay for.

Like I bought a reduced bulk game time and got a free mount with it.

I buy the expansion and get a free boost.

I have not paid for the boost it was free, I did not pay for the mount it was free.

Honestly mate, I don’t time to explain to you how businesses work. But in a nut shell, the price of the next expansion would have been set to include a percentage of that boost. To get something for free would mean receiving it AFTER the purchase of said item.

If I was walking out of Tesco’s after doing a weekly shop and the manager offered me a pack of hobnobs for free that would be free. If I was buying something on a 2 for 1 offer, one wouldn’t be free because the other would have been priced accordingly to cover both. Get it?

So let’s say a shop buys 10 items for £100. The items don’t sell at his original asking price of £25 per item and the owner has to get creative to shift them, so he sells them on a 2 for 1 offer at £20. Each item would be £10 so after shifting the 10 he’d break even. You’re not getting 1 for free in the same way you’re not getting a boost for free. Get it?

Regardless of how you look at it, you’re not getting the boost for free unless it’s given to you via email AFTER you’ve purchased the expansion which I’m guessing would be around the £24.99 mark without the included boost.

The boost costs more than the expansion. It doesn’t even cover it.

Every way you look at it my mount was free with six months reduced game time and the boost is free with the expansion.

Same as my buy one get one free deal in a supermarket. I didn’t pay a penny for the second one, it was free.

I like freebies :slight_smile:

I’ve literally, in layman’s terms, just explained it to you. It’s really not rocket science. Sorry you don’t get it… :man_shrugging:

I’m sorry that I don’t agree with you and you can’t understand that.

I see little point in repeating my explanation including costs that I gave earlier.

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And I’m sorry that you’re finding it hard to understand how things work from a business perspective.

Like I said before, if it helps you sleep better believing things in this world are free then by all means, believe away. Good day.

I don’t need to believe, I can see it. Take the reduced game time example. I paid less time for six months and paid nothing for a mount. I saved money and didn’t have to pay the store cost for the mount.

No matter how you twist it. I paid less plus got a freebie and I like that.

But I don’t think it really matters. If you don’t want to view free things as free, then that is fine too. View them as some reduced cost items bundled together.

However the cost of six months game time and a mount would have been a hell of a lot more.

Believe me, the costs of any “free” items sold with a condition of buying something else, are included in the price of what you’re buying.

Why does a character boost cost as much as it does? This service has no cost price (or prime cost), it costs them 0.0 USD to produce. Blizz just slapped the price tag on it because they wanted to. The price could be 1 cent or 100 USD just as well.

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Thank you. Someone who gets it.

I know some feel this way

But a mount from the store costs £19
A monthly sub costs £9.99 per month

That should have been a total cost of £59.94 for the sub and £19 on top for the mount, comes to £78.94

However, I paid £52.14 for the reduced six month subscription deal and the thrown in free mount that you don’t consider free.

I paid £26 less than it would have cost me to buy all those things. And yet I’m not supposed to see that I got a £19 mount for free and a reduction on my game time.

Nothing will persuade me that I did not get a free mount with my reduced game time. If others want to look at it that the £52.14 I paid is somehow reduced game time and a reduced mount price then that is just the same as the glass half full half empty argument in my opinion.

Kinjal just explained to you why they can lower the cost of service and in game items, which would have told you why your bundle cost less than it would as individual item sales. It’s called ‘an incentive to buy’ Are you having difficulty reading?

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I have read the replies. I am not required to agree with you. That’s not how discussions work.

Hence my argument stands. I got a free mount. I got a free boost. I’m sorry you can’t understand the explanations I’ve given including costs.

It’s not us who’s not understanding, but hey ho :man_shrugging:. As I said 4 days ago, sales companies must love you. In fact, I bet if they ever saw this topic you’d get inundated with emails offering you ‘FREE’ conditional items.

I don’t buy a product for a free item. But if there is a product I need/want and it comes with free stuff then hell yeah I’m going to take advantage.


Who doesn’t like free stuff. Well apart from you ofc.

Puny you gotta at least pretend you agree with him. I think he hasn’t slept for 4 days now because you refuse to understand it same way than you. :rofl:

On the topic of this thread,
if there is no expansion announcement on this Blizzcon it will be even worse PR disaster than the whole Diablo immortal. BFA hasn’t been that popular so they need to put on full power to convince people next one will come soon and be good. And since we are guessing, i would go for some sort of return of the lich king/queen scenario. I know most popular speculation goes now around shadowlands stuff but i take a risk here just because nothing says good expansion better than Lich King. Plus we have seen some new scourge to be risen lately… sort of. Oh and tinker class will come already on BFA for those who preorder, because just like velves, nightborne, highmountain tauren and lightforged draenei came during Legion for those who preordered, tinker class is themed with this expansion not with next one. Ones who join in 9.0 probably have to do some rep grind to get tinker. :smile:

Oh and it definately has to come with free boost!

I really want a 120 boost because leveling 110 - 120 is the worst experience for alts.

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