Level 34 where to quest now?

Hi all,
I have just finished all quests at hillebrand mountains. Where should I go now where I can find also many 30-40 level allianace to do some wpvp? Yes it is about enjoying the leveling process.


That’s a difficult question to answer these days but I’m sure someone will have a decent suggestion.

Since they implemented zone scaling, most classic wow zones now scale all the way up to 60, so there’s not really a zone for level 30-40s to congregate at.

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I think Arathi Highlands and The Hinterlands would be the next natural places to go :slight_smile:


STV also looks good . or?

Yes, also good to go to

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If you do end up getting stuck or running out of quests (at any level), it’s a good idea to visit your main faction city (Orgrimmar for horde) and check the Warchief’s Command Board. It will generally have a quest to get you to point you in the right direction for your level :slight_smile:

You don’t have to go back to the Orgrimamr to check the board. You can check some zone suggestions in Adventure Guide and there are also boards every main town for each zone. You just need to enable tracking War Boards.

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If you talk about Classic I’d say little bit of STVietnam and I always love the Shimmering Grind.

the op’s question was not where to go lvl, but where to go find FOES while lvling!
i’ll suggest strangletorn, or durstallow marshes, maybe Ashenvale too

you can see the level range for each zone, if you mouse over them.
but as others mentioned, STV is prolly the most ally congested zone at lvl 34.
after that, id go to the western/eastern plague lands.
theres a quest in booty bay where a mage will port you to WPL, (dunno if horde got that quest tho).

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