Leveling is too fast in WoW Classic. Please, fix it!


Of course people level faster, in Vanilla the majority of people had no idea what they were doing. With game knowledge vastly increased and incredible amounts of info available in seconds its pretty much impossible to recreate the original levelling experience.


When you hit 52 you will not be making this complaint. Anyway, if you are finding it too fast, take your time and work on professions between grinding and questing. If you don’t you will probably end up coming back to those zones to level gathering, fishing, etc anyway. Might as well kill two birds with one stone and slow down your leveling while you do that.


Earlier levels never took long. Back in Vanilla I had tons of alts from Level 10-20, I’d level them for like one day and get bored of them.

The later levels slow down massively and eventually in the late 50s you run out of quests.

Even worse as Horde, as there are 900-something Horde quests in Classic against 1100-something Alliance ones.

I’m sure I read somewhere that it can take longer to do levels 48-60 than levels 1-48. I don’t know the exact numbers, but that sounds right from my experience.


Such reliable sources.

Do they consider:

  • Low levels never took long
  • 1.12+
  • Knowledge, yes, we all know more about the game than before
  • Most non-natives developed their skills in English over the years, even reading and understanding quests goes faster
  • Feelings can deceive you! Ever think back about high school? 50 minutes could feel like an eternity. While now 50 minutes virtually flies by with the blink of an eye.

Come up with strict numbers from vanilla 1.12 and then we will talk.

Till then: another “I complain just because I am negative” topic.


Wonder how many of these supposed old vanilla players actually played it.

It seems fine to me, none of my old friends have commented on it being any different to before.


Not different, we are just better players with full of game knowledge now.


I think its not too fast

(Dottie) #42

I actually did and I took a long time, about 3 to 4 months to get to 60 that was on a Night Elf Warrior. At the time I didn’t even know cooking was a thing so I bought the food I needed, I wasted so much gold.

I remember 40-60 was a huge slog, but that was the time some BiS Epic gloves dropped and sold for a huge amount to me, 500g. Later, another pre-raid BiS weapon dropped, a dagger, and sold for almost the same amount.


Can you rub some of your luck off on me? I only ever saw one epic drop back then, can’t remember the name of it, a level 54 mail helmet. Dropped in Sillithus.


1-30 really does not take long. If you are efficient, 1-40 can be fast also if you are efficient with questing. 40-60 can take longer than 1-40 to be honest. It also depends a lot on what class you play.


I agree. I always typed /played upon reaching level 15. And in Vanilla (maybe early BC) the /played said 23 h 15 min for me “powerlevelling” (Yes, I’m slow) a Tauren Hunter with the sole purpose of getting the Dig Rat Stew recipe for my Ally main :wink:
In a much later expansion I got the exact same time after fooling around, levelling Skinning, Leatherworking, Fishing and Cooking, visiting Darkmoon Faire, chatting with Guildies … in short enjoying the ride.
In the stress test my /played to level 15 was a bit more than 22 hours! After also levelling Skinning and LW to almost max and Fishing and Cooking to a decent amount. It should probably have been more than 25 hours, so I think I’m your proof.


It has never taken 23hr playtime to get to level 15…


I started in the closed beta. Wonder what that makes me then lol


Ditto. I think we’re fossil fuel at this point. Maybe we’re worth something? hah!


Your comment is fake news, its exactly how it was back then, pirate servers had wrong Script, remember, ONLY BLIZZARD HAVE ORIGINAL SCRIPT!


It sure depends on player, playstyle etc. (I still in BfA cant do 1-10 in under 2 hours - please laugh if you like)
It always took me 23 hours 15 mins. I will see if I can find an old screenie to prove it.
But the real question is not the amount of time in hours, it took me, but the fact that I was faster levelling in Stress test even thoug I levelled my Professions as well.


It was always fairly quick to level to around level 34 if you knew where all the quests were. I don’t even use add-ons.

In vanilla if you level by doing world quests only, you should get to around level 54 before you run out of world quests.

Edit: Plus it’s quicker on a PvE server as you don’t get ganked, although people can slow you down if they keep killing quest givers, something that used to happen during and since vanilla.


I had a different impression.

Maybe it now levels faster than on 1.4, but not than on 1.12.


I dont doubt that it took you that long back then. It is certainly possible that it takes someone that long, and it doesnt matter how long it takes either if you’re having fun.

My point was just that it never took that long for someone to level to 15 if they knew what they were doing and were efficient. I took ages to level my first character to 10 back in the day. Being a kid at the time I even whined in general chat :grin:!

Your increased speed now is just due to increased knowledge. 1-15 while levelling professions should take anywhere from 11-16 hours for the average player.


It’s not too fast. This is how it was with patch 1.12. You probably remember differently first time around because the talents were different and also the stat on gear was way different.