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Hello to the community and devs,

I wanted to share with you, what at least in my opinion would improve the leveling experience. I love making alts. What its making me having less fun, is being forced to do the same content over and over again. Well that’s a reality i have to accept, obviously, but for me it would make it much more fun, if i was able to do it the way i like. Let me explain.

My favorite class is Death Knight, for many reasons. Wrath is by far my favorite expansion, and whenever i get to level an alt in Northrend i have so much fun. My main is an orc DK and since the Invisible mount drop for me, i decided to roll a human DK. So i started leveling in Northrend again and i am having so much fun, which made me wonder: “Why can’t i just level to 110 here, and i have to go and do after 80 MoP, WoD, Legion?”.

Why wouldn’t the game let me level in the zone i want? Today its Northrend, maybe tomorrow for another alt it might be Pandaria. Now i understand this requires world scaling but GW2 does this, and it feels awesome. I wish this was possible, at least for alts (meaning you have already one char to 120 or whatever cap we have in the future).

Well just my two cents and thank you for listening.

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I think we are all hoping for this with the level squish TBH.


How does the level squish enable you to level in any zone huh

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The OP doesn’t even mention a level squish, they say you should be able to level in any expansion at any level. I agree, except at 110 where you need to do BfA content.


Doing what exactly? The expansion has only so many quests, so what then. You plan on just doing the same old dungeons over and over again. Or maybe you like the thrill of Shadow Vault dailies evry single day till your eyes drop out of their sockets.

I’m leaving the game tomorrow so I will say this. Sadly it is because of views like this that have been bodged into the game by the current hopeless development team that has made me quit after 11 years. What is funny is that in one breath they shatter and destroy the game with mindless scaling and then in the next reintroduce Classic, something the previous custodians of the game refused to do. … and which will not have scaling. Cus its pure and unblemished by the crap ideas being thrust into the current game.

Its a game gone bonkers, and with ideas like this its no wonder its circling the drain. Sad but hey… your game now. I’m playing something way more fun.


I meant the poster right above me, not OP.

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it wont be any different than leveling to 120, devs stated it will take the same amount of time.

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When they announced level scaling, I assumed wrongly this meant I could go anywhere, whenever I wanted. Start in Vash’jir if I wanted. Or at the very least, any zone within a level bracket e.g. Netherstorm at level 60 not 67. Due to this, I am just sticking to my same levelling routes.

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I actually wrote with the level squish not as the level squish…meaning if they are overhauling the leveling system anyways it would be a perfect time to also enable people to level through an expansion fully rather then move on after one or two zones.


I have been leveling a DK from level 60 to 71 and still haven’t finished all quests in Borean Tudra in Northrend. I think the whole zone is more than capable to host 60 to 110 leveling.

That’s what this idea is all about and i don’t know why this would bother any player, since you would still have the ability to level in all the other zones if you want. On the other hand, i must quit leveling in Northrend after doing quests in two zones tops, since pretty soon i will outlevel it.

Which one makes more sense in your opinion?

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