Levelingtime 1-60 how long?

Anyone got EXP in it? with 50% looks juicy atm

Do you have restedxp and a respected guide?
Do you play with hotkeys?
Do you keyblind quest items?
What classquests are you willing to skip?
Do you watch Youtube on the 2nd monitor?
Did you ever try speed leveling?
What are your plans for professions?
Are you willed to do an instance?

I miss alot of details to estimate your /played


Why wouldn’t you level to 80?


I leveled a paladin to 70 something right before JJ cameout, I was following restedXP Guide addon, The first levels up to 20 take 20-30 minutes each after that they start taking 40-50 minutes each.
This was with heirloom gear.
Outlands takes like 50 minutes - 1hr per level(and I was slacking)
In Northrend I was doing 1 mil xp/hr questing with JJ and full S4 glad gear.

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