LF 2 night mythic guild /M+


I am an ex mythic raider who has been playing wow at all levels since TBC. My current guild is a heroic only guild made up of friends who used to raid at mythic levels but decided to ease down from the burn out of 4+ days raiding and focus on a more relaxed raiding environment but I am keen to make a return to raiding mythic.

I am primarily looking for a 2 day mythic guild at most and preferably later in the evening starts with one day being a sunday however I may be able to commit to other times depending on what they are.

I have the following classes available for raiding of which I am comfortable on

BM hunter 473

Brewmaster Monk / Windwalker / Mistweaver 477

Demonhunter 474 (havoc / vengeance)

Prot paladin 476 (ret 470)

DK unholy 470

I am happy to considered on whatever class and spec is most needed for the guild and its requirements and of course open to discussions.

Feel free to leave me a link here if you are recruiting and I will get back to you as soon as possible

Thanks for looking


Hi Defunky,

My 2 day guild Aeon Remnants is returning for Shadowlands, currently we run Mythic+ and heroic/mythic pug ny’alotha until next expac when many of our players are returning, we have a few spots left too fill. We used to be a top 2 day raiding guild (world 400, top 50 2 day). Add me and we can discuss!


Hey Defunky,

Pirates Cove are a 2 day raid guild that is looking to build a core for Shadowlands and raid inbetween now and then :).

we are from alliance and have done 12/12 Heroic with 5/12 mythic experience leaders.

we could offer you a perm spot in our guild if your willing to join :slight_smile:

hope to here from you soon


btag; Aidenx2o#2547

Hi Im currectly recruiting for Lost Boyz on Tarren Miill horde we are raiding 2 nights a week from 8pm server time til 11pm Wednesday and Friday. We have very capable raiders and will be clearing 12/12 mythic once we boost our numbers up enough for a full team. if you are interested at all message me on discord figsie#1288

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