LF a (classic bc) guild who still does naxx on alliance side :^)


What is stoping you from making one?

Lack of leadership skills i guess

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You should probably go to Classic Discussion forum for this or are looking for a naxx guild in TBC?

Your question is pointless. He’s looking for one that is ALREADY doing it. Therefore already had the prerequisite amount of people and possibly a scheduled time in which they do the raid.

Your question is the equivalent of him asking where the nearest McDonald’s is and you asking what’s stopping him from making his own burger. He’s not looking to make his own. He’s looking for a McDonald’s.


A guild who still does it during tbc classic ofc

Le bump . .

We do. Swedish only and not recruiting atm.

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Then what’s the point of the post?


Yet another bump , come tf on people , where the guilds at

If you’re looking for a guild that is running it specifically for CA or Shards there is quite a long line in those guilds.

Not necessarily , t3 for the moment is fine i guess :^)

I don’t know if this is true for all classes and specs, but Naxx would not drop anything that is an upgrade anymore. I’d rather do a BWL run then Naxx (Tear/Rejuv Gem/DFT).

I want the tier 3 for the cool factor , didn’t mention any upgrades , have i? Like i don’t even do the boring daily heroics.
Yet again another useless reply.

Happy to add another useless reply.

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Try guild recruitment forum

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No one bothers to reply in like months , lmao , what a joke

Naxx clearly isn’t something you can get many people interested in. Because aside of atiesh shards nothing there is even close to good anymore in terms of gear.
Couple that with having a negative attitude towards anyone giving you suggestions and you get this post.
Maybe start paying people gold to come Naxx with you?

With what , oral service? I mostly play the current wow in order to get the fear of missing out carrots on a stick like the ksm mount / elite sets , leaving me with maybe 1-2 hour a week for this version. Nah , I wouldn’t want to pay anyone to just be my “virtual friends” for 2 hours a week it takes to clear this pos raid.