LF casual and ideally noob friendly guild, pref Horde


I’ve played on and off for years and only just getting back into bfa (I’ve levelled a few characters to 120 but not seriously played).

I’d love to get into some raids or m+ if there’s a guild willing to help, I’m happy to fill any role really if you’re happy for me to gear and skill up!


Hi there Thembu! Our friendly guild on Magtheridon server welcomes new and returning players as well as veterans! We have lots of people to help out with all aspects of the game and plenty of opportunities to get geared up endgame! :grin:
We raid 2 nights a week, do lots of M+ of various key levels, have fun social events and have a good laugh together!

If that sounds good to you, hit me up on Discord (Tea003#8087 - any time) or in game (Tea003#2501 - mostly evenings) for a chat and I’ll answer any questions you have about our guild! :grinning:


Punished on Frostwhisper is looking for casual raiders with chill attitude. Healers are preferred (paladin, druid or shaman; though what ever you feel comfortable will fit our roster most probably as well). If you prefer a DPS class Rogue, DH, DK, Mage, Warlock or Priest are also welcome, but again if you prefer some other class we’re fine with your choice.

As for us it’s more play what you like, we’ll manage somehow.

Realm you play on, even if you find a guild which does not raid and fits you, if you feel that we’re a match for you, does not matter as we are a crossrealm community as well.

We raid do night a week Wed and Thurs from 21 to 00 server time and outside of that you can find people do run m+ with you, who do not mind helping to gear you up.

If you want a mature, chill and fun raiding environment then please drop a message on our discord server: discord.gg/gS5k2br and we’ll contact you or add me in discord: Mari#6813 (for faster a reply) for chat or if you prefer bnet only then: Sonnillon#2571 in-game.


Hello thembu,

I am a member of Unlikely Heroes on Argent Dawn and we are expanding our raid group. I’d like to have a chat and see what is possible. You can contact me on Bnet at Gubmaster#2990


Hi there,
We are a bunch of friends who were raiding together for a long time, also some of us are raiding in different guild with mains however since we were having fun most when we were together we are creating a new guild aiming curve and some m+ pushes.

We are in Twisting Nether, we dont mind people who are new to raid environment etc. As long as they are fun and reliable.

If you are interested you can add me Mau#22825 and whisper me for more info


Hey mate! Inspire on ahn’qiraj are interested in you :slight_smile: we are atm 9/9 n farm and 4/9 hc. Causal raiding. If it sounds interesting feel free to add me, gutti#1143 and we can talk more :slight_smile: have a good evening