LF faction pride

Ok so I got a problem. I dont like when people gank me, and nono before you asume iam just a carebear that belongs on a pve-server hear me out. However I never gank myself and always tries to be nice to everyone. Anyway…

I dont want to play on a pve server because my favorite thing in this game is revenge. Whitout gankers and griefers I got noone to hate and take my revenge on.

Now my problem is that everytime I try to take revenge Horde outnumber me 2 to one or its some Rogue in full raidgear that kills me in stunlock.

I play Alliance and when i try to form groups for counterattacks noone is interested, not even those in my guild… I get camped and not even my guild comes to help :stuck_out_tongue: .

Is there any guild or group on this server that wants to fight back? Or do I have to transfer to a RPpvp server? :confused:

If you can’t beat them, join them.

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Meh horde aint ma thingy, think i will transfer to Zandalar tribe and join Alliance Free company :slight_smile:

Roll rogue and u do the stunlocking.
No need for help either since u can just stealth follow ur prey till he’s alone and kill it.

In all fairness ive never had any trouble finding ppl to Pvp with, since that’s what ur struggling with I suppose. Try looking for ppl in the general chat in whatever area ur in, there’s gank squads available in every high level area most of the time for u to join and wPvP away.

Gehennas is in the top populated EU realms, with a fairly decent faction balance, I doubt ull find a guild that suits ur specifics if u cant find it here tbh.

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