LF Game Master, to remove starter edition status on my friend's account(he just bought bfa)


Please help him remove this status so that we can play and cap pve/pvp before the weekly reset. It takes up to 72 hrs to remove it on its own otherwise :(. His account is not a starter account. He has a lvl 100 dk…

(Saneko) #2

Expansions do not grant gametime, he’ll have to buy that seperately. GM’s also do not work on the forums.

If he did buy gametime or the bundled BfA+Gametime offer, it can take up to 24 hours before all restrictions are removed. Usually your friend can’t receive help before this time’s up, but check back later as it’s removed faster mostly.


Turns out the problem was that his game time status was “pending”. He could however still log in and play with me :S

(Saneko) #4

You should still be able to play most of the game with him.

Happy World of Warcraft!

(Trovlak) #5

“Pending” means that Blizzard have not yet received the funds, but have granted him limited access while they are waiting to receive the funds.


Thats not what pending means. Blizzard is known to ‘delay’ the systems even thou the funds is paid. I pay throuigh e banking, which is instant payment. Its like they check the stuff manually or so.

I have to wait 24 hours sometimes if I renew on WoW, but whenever I order stuff from China, or US, from companys like Amazone or newegg, or what not, its instant payment and the order thats actually physical is allready being prepared and shipped.

(Ananda) #7

It depends where you are. In the UK banks tell you it should arrive in the other person’s account within 24 hours. It is, of course, virtually always instant but sometimes for unknown reasons and even to someone you pay regularly it isn’t. Of course it always leaves your account immediately.


That depends on the type of payment what you do. If its by an old giro card, or whever the thing is called in english (The yellow paper, where you had to write your banknumber on etc), then yes, it was usually within 24 hours on workdays, but ebanking, like ideal, is instant, regardless, unless there’s a malfunction at the bank.

It just works like that :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ananda) #9

It’s really not in the UK and when you make the transaction, the bank actually tells you it can take up to 24 hours. 99% of the time it will be instant but not 100%.