LF Guild/Friends!

Hiyah! I’m very new to EU, been mostly playing on NA for the last 7 years, but I recently moved to Russia, so now I’m slowly transitioning to EU servers and coming back to WoW for Shadowlands. It’d be nice to just get to know some people!

I’m going to be maining a pally for the foreseeable future, mainly as a holy but I prefer to master all specs of the class I’m playing.

I enjoy the most mythic raiding and ranked arena as my content of choice in wow. Back on NA, the guilds I raided with consistently took world top 300-600 spots and I got around 2k mmr in arena. Nothing crazy or anything, but I consider myself a decent player with somewhat casual schedule. Had quite a few orange parses back in my legion days! Here’s my now forgotten NA main: us/aerie-peak/Envs

A bit about myself, I’m 23M, starting my career as a full stack web developer, I enjoy spending my time playing league of legends, watching anime(total weeb btw), getting out to play dnd with friends and new people sometimes, and lots of other nerdy stuff! What I value the most in people: kindness/wholesomeness, honesty, and open mindedness! :sweat_smile:

You can reach out to me via
bnet: ashh#21328
discord: Ashh#5672

Thanks for taking your time to read this and have a wonderful day! :kissing_heart:

Hello there!
If you’re still looking for a guild I could offer you ours :blush: nothing too fancy but small friendly community with 12/12H so far. Hit me up ingame if interested.
Have a good one :kissing_heart:

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