LF late night guild

Hey all,

Looking for a late night guild, think 930 server time onwards.

Preferably looking to play a healer/tank. I have a lot of time off work atm so will have plenty of time to pour into a new character.

Lots of experience raid leading/guild leading going back to MoP.

Raid wise, experience heroic/mythic going back to wrath and most recently 6/10 mythic with a 1 night raid group which fell apart.

Hello there!

We are not yet raiding, but wanting to start doing so as soon as we have enough people.
Perhaps you might check us out?

[A][Bloodscalp] Ministry of Silly Wipes - LF Healers and Ranged DPS!

So far most members are around in the evenings more than the day time. I think once we begin raiding, we’ll be looking at between 20:00 and 23:00 server time; i know thats a bit of an earlier start than you said, but we can pick you up when you’re able to join in!

Editted to add: We may potentially be after a raid leader for whichever day we end up raiding in the week.

Feel free to add me for a chat if you like!
Bnet: Westie#2496
Discord: xWestie#9361

Hey Repple,

If you can get on 30 minutes earlier then my Guild could definitely be interested in you!
Starting at 21:00 server time, Currently 1/10M & 7/10HC raiding two nights a week.
Add me on Discord Hoterino#6305

Just us on Silvermoon, there is plenty of guilds that raid late night. All kind of late night…