LF Late Start Raid

Hello all! I’m looking to join a raiding guild with a later than usual start time. Either 9pm/10pm server time.

I’m an alliance arcane mage with 266ilvl. I have previous raiding experience but due to working hours I’m inexperienced with Shadowlands raids.

I’m looking for a guild with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, who are interested in progress but also here for fun. I.e. if you need me to fill in an application form or send in a CV then we’re probably not the right fit :sweat_smile:.

Thank you!

Punished could be a fit for you, if you do not mind joining forces with Horde players. Our raids start around 21 ST and end around 00 ST on Wednesday and Thursday.
Yes, we are a horde guild, but we a cross-realm and -faction community where it doesn’t matter on which server you play and what side you are on.
Our goal is AotC w/o pushing people too much. We usually achieve that, be it with a full community group or with the help of random pug or 2.
If we seem like something you wish to join or try out, add me on discord and let’s have chat and maybe I can be more helpful Mari#6813
No application are need, group is listed under the community finder and you can join it whenever you want to.

We’re an Alliance guild on Chamber of Aspects that raids 9:15 until 11:30 server on Thurs and Mon. I think we’d be a good fit most probably and if you’d like more info, please send me message on Zaphrael #21513 or on discord Zaphrael#1319.